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[HWPL] Peace Tours of Man-hee Lee (17): The World is Moved by the Tireless Tours for Peace


[HWPL] Peace Tours of Man-hee Lee (17): The World is Moved by the Tireless Tours for Peace

On April 7, 2014, Chairman Lee speaks during the World Peace Seminar held at Illumina Convention Center in Guatemala

Young people conduct a Peace Walk in the lead-up to a peace seminar in Uganda on March 14, 2014

For 36 days from March 2014, Chairman Man-hee Lee and the peace delegation visited 16 countries in four continents, including Africa, Europe, and South America. This was already the ninth peace tour since 2012.

No one on any continent rejected Chairman Lee's proposal to work together for peace. Twelve incumbent and former presidents of 10 countries in Eastern Europe and Central and South America signed peace agreements, and in Peru, a peace agreement was signed with the with the national leaders of 14 million Incas in Peru.

The victorious results that Chairman Lee announced in Europe during his ninth visit bore the fruit of eternal peace in the Republic of Korea, where the WARP Summit was held in September of the same year.

On March 13, 2014, the Open Bible Seminar was held at Entebbe Youth Center in Uganda. The audience is paying close attention to Chairman Lee

On March 12, 2014, the first place Chairman Lee and the peace delegation visited was Uganda, Africa. Uganda is a country that continues to groan after 20 years of war, massacre, and dictatorship between the government and the rebels immediately after gaining independence from British colonization. The people's desire for peace is more earnest than anywhere else.

In Uganda, in particular, reporters traveled with Chairman Lee and the delegation to publicise their movements. As soon as they arrived at the palace of King Oyo in Kampala, Uganda's state-run broadcaster UBC and other broadcasters all mobilized to hold a press conference.

The two peace seminars that followed were enough to awaken Uganda from slumber. At the Kampala Open Bible Seminar held on the 13th, about 700 people came to hear Chairman Lee's message. Chairman Lee introduced himself as usual, saying, “I came to announce that the prophecies of the New Testament have been fulfilled,” and testified the word from Genesis to the Book of Revelation. The next day, at an additional Open Bible Seminar, pastors and members from all over the world flocked.

Despite the complicated process of translating Korean into English and English into the local language, the seminar participants shouted “Amen” without taking their eyes off the lips of the Peace Messenger. Peterson, a pastor from Kenya, said, “I was so moved by the Word that I had no choice but to keep shouting ‘Amen'. We received this very word of peace that we desperately needed.”

Bishop Ellis Balinda Cavagonza of Repsengo Church, who attended the pastors' conference, said, "I was greatly enlightened and blessed by Chairman Lee's message about peace. I have no choice but to believe in it.”

In addition, the rains of peace that soaked the dry land of Uganda for four days included the International Peace Youth Group Peace Walk, Repsengo Peace Walk, and meetings with African royalty and religious leaders arranged by Princess Elizabeth of Tooro. Social, political, and religious figures who met with Chairman Lee all attended the subsequent WARP Summit and promised that they would also act as messengers of peace.

On March 17, 2014 Chairman Lee (right) and Hans Modrow, the last premier of communist East Germany, held a peace talk in Germany

It was March 16, day 5 of the 9th peace tour, and Chairman Lee and the delegation headed for Germany, Europe.

One of the most notable scenes in Germany was the peace talk held between Hans Modrow, the last premier of communist East Germany, and Chairman Lee. The thoughts of the two leaders who lived in the same era connected. Former Premier Modrow said, "It is impossible to use force to end war and prevent war with war. Chairman Lee's work is very necessary for people to co-exist and live in peace."

On March 19, in Austria, Chairman Lee met with the head of a leading Islamic group and former Prime Minister Alfred Gusenbauer to inform them that the era of peace had arrived. They also pledged to join the work of peace.

In Slovenia, where they arrived on the same day, Chairman Lee had a meeting with Mukka Savski, the head of a Tibetan Buddhist organization, and he also repeatedly thanked Chairman Lee for leading the work of peace beyond religion. Milan Kučan, who served as the first President of Slovenia, was aware of the peace delegation's intense schedule and visited Chairman Lee to talk about peace.

Chairman Lee gives a presentation at the International Symposium on Cultural Diplomacy and Religion (a global conference comprised of former presidents and religious leaders) held in Rome, Italy on April 1, 2014

In Romania, which Chairman Lee had visited a few months prior on the 9th Peace Tour, he held a meeting with former President Emil Constantinescu, whom he had met earlier, and former Ambassador Izidor Urian, who served as a diplomat in both North and South Korea. 

In Romania, there was also a priest who asked for the answer to peace. When Baram Proestenuel, Vice-Bishop of the Orthodox Church, asked, “How can all religions work together as one?” Chairman Lee replied, “There is only one Creator, but there are thousands of religions on the earth. This is the cause of the conflict. I believe that if religion is established in the name of one God, there will be no more conflict.”

Then, the news of peace resounded in Serbia, the “powder keg of Eastern Europe.” Ruben Fuchs, President of the Federation of Jewish Communities of Serbia, invited Chairman Lee and his delegation to the Jewish Historical Museum and said, “There is a certain ingredient in science that makes the impossible possible. The Chairman seems to be that ingredient.”

Also, in recognition of his achievements, he was invited to speak at the International Symposium on Cultural Diplomacy and Religion (a global conference comprised of former presidents and religious leaders) held in Rome, Italy on April 1st. Chairman Lee introduced the significance of the International Peace Youth Group Peace Walk and the process of mediating a civil peace agreement in Mindanao, Philippines to the leaders of the participating countries, and appealed for their participation in passing on a world of peace without war to future generations. In Rome, the center of Catholicism, attendees gave great applause to Chairman Lee who stood shoulder to shoulder with world leaders and proudly proclaimed the message of world peace.

On April 5, 2014, Chairman Lee meets with Inca leaders and shakes hands after signing a peace agreement

Chairman Lee received a letter of appreciation from the Guatemalan government on April 7 in recognition of his contributions to the peace agreement with the Maya people in 2013 and laid a wreath at the Peace Monument in the Presidential Palace in Guatemala City.

This meant that the peace agreement signed by Chairman Lee has substantially contributed to peace in Guatemala. The laying of flowers at the Peace Monument is allowed only to people who have made great contributions to world peace, and former UN Secretary-General Ki-moon Ban was the only Korean before Chairman Lee.

Man-hee Lee, Chairman of HWPL, lays a flower at the White Rose Laying Offering Ceremony at the Palm of Peace, National Palace in Guatemala City on April 7, 2014

In addition, Chairman Lee and the peace delegation successfully signed a peace agreement with Inca leaders in Peru. It was the Inca leaders, who in full knowledge of Chairman Lee's pivotal role in mediating the Mindanao peace agreement, first proposed the meeting.

Chairman Lee's message, which the world is passionate about and sympathizes with, is actually concise and clear. Yet it something that no one has ever conceived of or made a reality. Chairman Lee has repeatedly emphasized that all these steps for peace have been carried out because the answer to peace was given to him by heaven.

“So far, there have been many people who have been involved in peace movements and many who have received the Nobel Peace Prize, but nothing in the world has changed. I started this work because I have the ‘definite answer’ to peace through a revelation I received from heaven.”

On April 12, 2014, Chairman Lee proclaims the message of peace at a mosque in Brazil


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  1. This is beautiful work. I sincerely hope that the DPCW will be enacted as international law when it is presented to the UN in late 2022 or early 2023. Kudos to Chairman Lee, HWPL, IPYG and all their supporters