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[HWPL] Islamic University Jakarta (UIN Jakarta) Signs MOU with HWPL, and confers Honorary Certificate on Chairman Man-hee Lee as Rector of Peace Academy


[HWPL] Islamic University Jakarta (UIN Jakarta) Signs MOU with HWPL, and confers Honorary Certificate on Chairman Man-hee Lee as Rector of Peace Academy

Memorandum of understanding between Islamic University Jakarta (UIN Jakarta) and HWPL

An Honorary Certificate conferred on Chairman Man-hee Lee of HWPL as Rector of Peace Academy

The message of peace promulgated by Man-hee Lee, Chairman of Heavenly Culture, World Peace, Restoration of Light (HWPL) for the benefit of posterity is inspiring educators whose desire is to deliver peace education. Those who have attended various events by HWPL, transcending creed, ideology, border and race, are convinced that “with HWPL, true peace can be achieved.” This is because HWPL provides solutions to achieving peace and carries out large-scale activities with swift delivery.

A commemorative photo of HWPL Chairman Man-hee Lee (left) and Vice-Rector Yuthlon Rajak following the signing of the Memorandum of Understanding on January 29, 2018

Universitas Islam Negeri Syarif Hidayatullah Jakarta (UIN Jakarta) signs an MOU with HWPL for peace education

The educators of Universitas Islam Negeri Syarif Hidayatullah Jakarta (UIN Jakarta), Indonesia's largest national university, established a relationship with HWPL because of the solid message and implementation of peace by Chairman Man-hee Lee and HWPL. This close association resulted in the signing of a Memorandum of understanding (MOU), the Unveiling ceremony of the Peace Academy, the appointment of Peace Educators, and the appointment of an Honorary Rector.

On January 29, 2018, the HWPL peace delegation visited Jakarta, Indonesia during their 26th peace tour. On that day, Vice-rector Yuthlon Rajak of UIN Jakarta signed an MOU for peace education with HWPL.

At the peace lecture that day, Chairman Lee said, “This individual has been going around the world with the answer to achieve peace.” He emphasized, “In order to become one, all steps from one to ten must fit together. A culture of peace should be presented to people so that it leads them, and this is why we need peace education. We have to build new houses of peace in our hearts.”

The university recognizes Chairman Lee as an expert in peace and expressed their desire to continue receiving teachings on peace from him, thereby appointing him as Honorary Rector at that event.

Chairman Man-hee Lee, adorned in the UIN Jakarta graduation gown, holds a plaque of appointment as Honorary Rector

Chairman Man-hee Lee (left) and Vice-rector Yuthlon Rajak hold a Handover ceremony for the establishment of an HWPL Peace Academy. On that day, 11 prestigious universities in Indonesia were designated as HWPL Peace Academies

With the signing of the MOU on that day, 11 prestigious universities in Indonesia were designated as HWPL Peace Academies. The Handover ceremony for the establishment of HWPL Peace Academy was held at the same location as that of the MOU signing. In response, the HWPL Peace Delegation delivered peace textbooks to UIN Jakarta.

The HWPL Peace Delegation was warmly welcomed by students upon entry into the school, with chants of the slogan, ‘We want Peace,’ and the commemorative performance of a Korean song was delivered.

The 116 university students who attended this event pledged to work as HWPL peace educators in the future. The student representative emphasized during the student teacher's oath that, "We will become peace educators through the HWPL peace education training and plant peace in the hearts of all students."

The HWPL peace teacher appointment ceremony was also held. Dr. Barsihannor Zuhri, Dean of UIN Alauddin of Makassar, and Professor Ali Munhanif of Social and Political Sciences at UIN Jakarta were appointed as peace educators, and thereafter devoted their time more to HWPL peace education.

On May 7, four months later, Professor Munhanif attended the HWPL 'Peace Educators' Workshop' , adding great value to HWPL peace education. He said, “It is very surprising that HWPL is doing such peaceful work in Korea, which is a divided country.” He also said, “I think that if we apply the purpose and vision of peace that Chairman Man-hee Lee has to individuals, the environment, and the government, unification can be achieved only with the power of the people, without the involvement of the government or the efforts of religious leaders. To achieve this, HWPL’s values of peace are absolutely necessary.”

Professor Ali Munhanif of the Department of Social and Political Sciences at UIN Jakarta (right) receives a letter of appointment as an HWPL peace educator

Through the MOU, the two organizations stated: “The purpose of this MOU is to ensure a close cooperative relationship between the Parties to provide the HWPL peace education to students of Party B based on mutual respect and trust.”

Islamic University Jakarta (Universitas Islam Negeri Syarif Hidayatullah Jakarta, Rector Dede Rosyada) is the largest national university in Indonesia, and more than half of the major political ministers are alma maters. UIN Jakarta started out as an Islamic research institute before its later development. There are 12 faculties (Islamic Religion Education, Arabic Language Education, English Language Education, Social Sciences Education, Mathematics Education, Biology Education, Physics Education, Chemistry Education, Management Education, Indonesian Language & Literature Education, Elementary School Teachers Education, Early Childhood Teachers Education),and one Graduate School that offers master's and doctoral degrees.

Meanwhile, Chairman Man-hee Lee delivered a message of peace to Indonesian youth at the 'Walk of Hope for Peace & Harmony' conference held at Grand Hyatt Jakarta on January 27, 2018, two days before the signing of the MOU. Chairman Lee said, “Looking at all the circumstances in the world, a new history for the cessation of war and peace is desperately needed.” He added, “From elementary schools to universities, I think that peace education is necessary by making peace courses for everyone.”

On behalf of 116 student peace educators, one student representative affirms his commitment as an HWPL peace educator

At the location of the MOU signing, local students deliver a commemorative sung performance, in Korean, of the Korean 'Teacher's Song' to celebrate the unveiling of the HWPL Peace Academy, the appointment of HWPL Peace Educators, and the conferral as Honorary Rector


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  1. “What is the greatest blessing we can leave to future generations? Is it material possessions? Can money truly give us happiness in this fearful world filled with conflict? Our duty in this era is to create a world of peace where future generations can coexist in harmony.” HWPL💗

    A beautiful, hopeful and somewhat miraculous post. How is that HWPL Chairman Man-hee Lee, who was in his mid-80s at that time, could mediate a cruel, bloody 40-year inter-religious conflict between Catholic and Islamic groups that had claimed 120,000 lives on the island of Mindanao - which no government agency or peacekeeping force could solve - yet so few media organisations report it? Thank YOU for reporting this news of peace. I hope more media outlets will do the same and I will certainly do my part in spreading this news and, if possible, watch the screening of the ‘Great Legacy’ documentary.