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[HWPL] “Impressed by Chairman Lee’s Peace Movement”: Leader of the Anglican Church of South Africa Awards 'Lifetime Achievement Award' and Appreciation Plaque to HWPL


[HWPL] “Impressed by Chairman Lee’s Peace Movement”: Leader of the Anglican Church of South Africa Awards 'Lifetime Achievement Award' and Appreciation Plaque to HWPL 

Lifetime Achievement Award conferred on Chairman Lee by the South African Religious Forum and delivered by Bishop Templeton Mbekwa, in recognition of Chairman Lee's movements for peace

Appreciation plaque conferred on Chairman Lee by the South African Religious Forum, delivered by Bishop Templeton Mbekwa

Any religious leader will tell you how difficult it is to voluntarily devote one's life for the sake of the peace of humanity without receiving a penny for it. Moreover, the reality of peace can seem a distant dream when inter-religious dialogue is at loggerheads because of differing doctrine and beliefs. For this reason, it is also a fact that many faith leaders have made efforts to attain peace, but have not yielded tangible results.

That is why faith leaders, who seek and long for inter-religious peace, keep their eyes and ears open to new ways of achieving religious peace and work accordingly to bear fruits of peace for mankind. Such individuals cannot help but be taken aback upon hearing of the accomplishments of Man-hee Lee, Chairman of Heavenly Culture, World Peace, Restoration of Light (HWPL), and his peace delegation. People who meet Chairman Lee, who continues to deliver commanding messages about peace at over 90 years of age during his world peace tours, bow respectfully.

Anglican pastor and Chairperson of the South African Religious Forum Bishop Templeton Mbekwa delivers the 'Lifetime Achievement Award' and Appreciation Plaque to Chairman Man-hee Lee in person on August 13, 2018. Bishop Mbekwa also delivered Chairman Lee a gift on that day

Bishop Templeton Mbekwa, an Anglican pastor and Chairperson of the South African Religious Forum, did the same. Bishop Mbekwa recorded Chairman Lee's peace achievements onto a 'Lifetime Achievement Award' and Appreciation Plaque, which he presented to Chairman Lee in person, as an expression of gratitude.

The achievements of HWPL, from 2010 to August 2018, were listed in order on the 'Lifetime Achievement Award' as follows: ▲Proclamation of the Declaration of Unification on August 15, 2010 ▲Proclamation of the Declaration of World Peace on May 25, 2013 ▲Supervised the Mindanao Catholic-Islam Peace Agreement Ceremony and Peace Walk on January 24, 2014 ▲Hosted the WARP Summit four times, from 2014 to 2017 inclusive ▲Hosted the Proclamation Ceremony of the Declaration of Peace and Cessation of War on March 14, 2016 (DPCW, 10 Articles 38 Clauses) ▲ 29 World Peace Tours from 2012 to 2018. 

The 'Lifetime Achievement Award' was conferred on Chairman Lee in recognition of 5 years of service towards humanity for advocating peace and cessation of war.

The appreciation plaque delivered by Bishop Mbekwa specifically recognised Chairman Lee's 5-year service to peace from 2013-2018.

Bishop Templeton Mbekwa is a member of the Anglican Church of South Africa and is well-known as a community leader. He served as Pastor of the African National Congress in the Western Cape, and established a ministry within the ANC. Bishop Mbekwa is conducting a social reconciliation initiative under the administration of the South African government, working with global Christian organizations and youth, and spreading peace through inter-religious activities.

He came into contact with HWPL in South Africa in 2018, when he attended an HWPL conference on March 14 that year in Cape Town, followed by the anniversary of the May 25th Declaration of World Peace. Afterwards, Bishop Mbekwa persuaded officials of the South African Religious Forum to create an achievement award to be conferred on Chairman Lee on behalf of the organization. In addition, during the HWPL peace tour, about 100 religious forum representatives were introduced to HWPL, and Bishop Mbekwa continued to participate in HWPL's peace events, actively supporting Chairman Lee's peace movement. He also secured an MOU between the South African Religious Forum and HWPL.

The ‘African Leaders of Peace Summit: Interfaith Scripture Dialogue’ is in progress at The Westin Cape Town, South Africa, on August 13, 2018. At the forum, South African faith leaders presented a plaque of appreciation, achievement award and gift to Chairman Lee

On the day the Lifetime Achievement Award and Appreciation Plaque were delivered, Chairman Man-hee Lee and his peace delegation were attending the  ‘African Leaders of Peace Summit: Interfaith Scripture Dialogue' at Westin Hotel in Cape Town, South Africa, as part of the peace tour itinerary.

HWPL's WARP (World Alliance of Religions' Peace) Office is founded on the belief that the only way to end religiously-motivated conflict is to become one under trustworthy scriptures, and it operates an inter-religious Scripture Comparison dialogue, which is gaining global recognition. As of December 2020, 253 WARP offices operate in 129 countries.

Chairman Man-Hee Lee, who was a keynote speaker at the forum on that day, shared his thoughts about the peace process. Chairman Lee asserted, “Heaven is a witness to the fact that this work of peace is being carried out for the sake of humanity, and the earth is also witnessing it.” He continued with a special request, saying, “Religious leaders gathered here today: please make sure you compare your scriptures and engage in dialogue. I really hope you can become people who show grace and lead others onto the right path.”

People of faith who attended Chairman Lee's impeccable lecture responded enthusiastically. When Chairman Lee's lecture concluded, these people of faith, who filled the forum, cheered on as they all rose to their feet from their seats, raised their index fingers to the skies, smiled brightly and shouted 'WE ARE ONE'. The forum became a place of peace where the boundaries of religion were eradicated and everyone was united.

24 media outlets from 13 African countries participated in the follow-up press conference, where they reported extensively to local people. In response to a local reporter's question about the destination of HWPL's peace movement, Chairman Lee emphasized, "The only destination is the end of all wars and the achievement of peace."


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  1. So hopeful. The Chairman of HWPL, Man-hee Lee, is a Korean War veteran who has travelled the world 31 times meeting politicians, Heads of State, religious leaders and international law experts to discuss the DPCW and gain the support of citizens around the world. 21 international law experts were involved in the drafting of the DPCW. HWPL currently has support in 192 different countries with over 600,000 members working to help establish peace throughout the world. It is a miracle that a 92-year-old man can spearhead such a peace movement. Kudos to Chairman Lee.