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[HWPL] American Society of Yemen awards HWPL with ‘Certificate of Thanks and Gratitude’


[HWPL] American Society of Yemen awards HWPL with ‘Certificate of Thanks and Gratitude’

An appreciation plaque awarded to HWPL Chairman Man-hee Lee by the American Society of Yemen, in recognition of his contribution to peace

People in countries where conflict persists are bound to yearn for peace. One country, that has endured a civil war lasting over seven years since late 2014, is Yemen. Yemenis, who have experienced the horrors of war, can only sympathize with the peace movement of Chairman Man-Hee Lee of HWPL.

On May 6th, 2017, during HWPL's 25th Peace Tour, at the Religious Leaders' Conference 'Peace be with you - Becoming one through diversity' held at Hotel Pennsylvania in New York, USA, American Society of Yemen  presented Chairman Lee with a 'Certificate of Thanks and Gratitude' for his contribution to peace.

Fateh Nagi Alayah, President of American Society of Yemen; Nabil Ahmad Aljomai, Vice President of American Society of Yemen; and Eric Adams, the then 18th Borough President of Brooklyn (and current Mayor of New York City), all participated in the giving of the 'Certificate of Thanks and Gratitude' to Chairman Lee for his outstanding contribution in bringing peace to humanity.

Nabil A. Aljomai, Vice President of American Society of Yemen (right) presents an appreciation plaque to Chairman Lee for his contribution to peace at a meeting of religious leaders held at Hotel Pennsylvania in New York, USA, on May 6th, 2017, during HWPL's 25th Peace Tour

The appreciation plaque reads, “The President of the American Society of Yemen expresses deep gratitude to Chairman Man-Hee Lee for his outstanding contribution to peace for humanity through Heavenly Culture, World Peace, Restoration of Light (HWPL). May God bless you.”

Religious people, NGOs, university students, and peace activists who attended the meeting congratulated Chairman Lee on his award. Together with HWPL, they affirmed their vision for world peace and promised to participate in its realization.

American Society of Yemen was founded in 1892. As an association of Yemenis living in New York, USA, it is an organization that not only serves the needs of Yemenis living in New York, but also engages in social, cultural, and political activities for safety and peace in their country. The Society has hosted or participated in events for freedom, equality and peace, such as the anti-bombing rally by the US in Yemen, the anti-discrimination rally by the US in the Middle East, fundraising for relief aid, and the numerous Yemeni American Day Parade.

The relationship between the Society and HWPL began in 2014. After the founding of HWPL on May 25th, 2013, in the spring of 2014 the following year, HWPL New York attended various meetings at the United Nations, engaging in peace discussions with various people. In the process, HWPL New York met Rashad Alkhader, a lawyer of Yemeni heritage. Through Mr. Alkhader, various correspondence was made with the Society, which led to various events and meetings.

On September 1st, 2014, when Chairman Man-hee Lee visited New York on his 14th peace tour, a luncheon was held at a restaurant in Bryant Park in Manhattan. Sadik Kaid, Manager at the Yemeni American Association, said, "I think Chairman Man-hee Lee's peace movement is essential to the problems facing the Middle East where I live." Yashin Alibadi, a Cleric of Greenpoint Islamic Center, who attended the event, also expressed his excitement for the World Peace Summit to be held in that same month, saying, “I believe that the World Peace Summit will be an epochal event for people all over the world to come together to achieve peace.”

Chairman Man-hee Lee (center, yellow tie) holds hands with religious dignitaries during the 'Peace be with you - Becoming One through Diversity' conference at Hotel Pennsylvania in New York, USA, on May 6th, 2017

All six people who attended the luncheon signed the HWPL peace agreement.

Chairman Man-hee Lee said, “The majority of conflicts and wars in the world are caused by religion. Religion should be the light of the world that guides. Religion cannot be considered as such if it causes conflict. If corrupt religions submit to true religion, welcome its true Creator and become One, there will be no conflict.”

Officials of the Society attended the World Peace Summit in Seoul, South Korea that month, and human rights activists from Yemen who attended delivered a message about peace.

Tawakoll Karman, women's rights activist and youngest recipient in that field of the Nobel Peace Prize in 2011, delivered the keynote speech of the main event, saying, “The root of conflict and war do not necessarily stem from religion itself, but from the extremists and misinterpretations of one’s own religion. I think it belongs to the religious leaders.” “If we truly love peace, just as Chairman Lee has mentioned, we must all have the same faith. We all believe in the same God.”

She also said, "This is the first time in my life I have seen such an immense conference." She continued, “I sincerely relate to Chairman Man-hee Lee’s statement that there is one religion. Because we believe in one God, we must spread the spirit of love, peace and tolerance.”

Since the WARP Summit, the Society has steadily participated in various events, such as HWPL's WARP Office meetings for the unity of religions, and has also expressed its active support for HWPL, which is working for much-needed peace in Yemen, a country tainted by civil war.

On July 23rd 2017, HWPL held a “Piece of PEACE” event at the Basement Cultural Foundation building in Sanaa, the capital of Yemen. It was recognized as a particularly meaningful event within the region, as it was held in a climate of severe poverty due to the ongoing conflict, and the deaths of thousands of people from cholera.

The event was hosted by the Yemeni non-governmental organization Basement Cultural Foundation, and was organized by HWPL to inform 25 members of the Foundation about the 'Declaration of Peace and Cessation of War (10 Articles, 38 Clauses)' through picture drawings. In particular, among the specific provisions of the DPCW, the participants identified provisions applicable to Yemen and discussed ways to apply them.


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  1. The Chairman of HWPL, Man-hee Lee, is a Korean War veteran who has travelled the world 31 times meeting politicians, Heads of State, religious leaders and international law experts to discuss the DPCW and gain the support of citizens around the world. 21 international law experts were involved in the drafting of the DPCW. HWPL currently has support in 192 different countries with over 600,000 members working to help establish peace throughout the world. It is a miracle that a 91-year-old man can spearhead such a peace movement. Kudos to Chairman Lee.