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[HWPL] ‘Letter of support for the peaceful reunification of the Korean Peninsula’ from a German politician in Frankfurt


[HWPL] ‘Letter of support for the peaceful reunification of the Korean Peninsula’ from a German politician in Frankfurt

A ‘Letter of support for the peaceful reunification of the Korean Peninsula’ was delivered by Manfred Florian Welker, the former local councillor of the city of Frankfurt, to Chairman Man-hee Lee

In 2018, a climate of peace was created through three inter-Korean summits that took place within the Korean Peninsula. The first inter-Korean summit, held on April 27th, turned the eyes of the world towards the Korean Peninsula. Chairman Lee always prayed for peace in the Korean Peninsula. On May 12th, the following month, a special letter was delivered to Man-hee Lee, Chairman of Heavenly Culture, World Peace, Restoration of Light (HWPL), who was in Frankfurt, Germany during his 27th peace tour.

At the 'Pan-European Peace Forum for the Peaceful Unification of the Korean Peninsula and Action Plan through DPCW', held at the Leonardo Royal Hotel in Frankfurt, the then Councillor Manfred Florian Welker (Frankfurt Regional Advisory Council) sent a letter of support (Letter of Support for Peaceful Unification of the Korean Peninsula) to Chairman Lee.

Former City Councillor Manfred Florian Welker delivers a letter of support for the peaceful reunification of the Korean Peninsula to Chairman Lee at the Leonardo Royal Hotel in Frankfurt, Germany, on May 12th 2018

In this letter, former councillor Welker said, "I sincerely thank all of you for your work for world peace and the end of war."

He emphasized, “With the firm conviction that world peace can be achieved in this era if everyone becomes a messenger of peace, I am firmly following the exemplary goal of HWPL, a legally binding instrument in the form of the Declaration of Peace and Cessation of War (DPCW).”

Regarding the numerous conflicts occurring within the current international community, he said, "The many tragic wars and conflicts in today's society that require urgent and humanitarian solutions are causing the deaths of many innocent people. The causes of these conflicts are deeply rooted. Humanity is hesitant to seek peaceful agreements to prevent these problems, as it is especially difficult to find the best solutions for them. Advances in technology have led to destructive weapons that only increase the risk of innocent deaths over time.” 

Regarding the situation on the Korean Peninsula, he said, “Above all, given the current situation, it is not an exaggeration to say that the Korean Peninsula is in one of the most dangerous situations in the world. It is leading people to a life of fear.”

Referring to HWPL's DPCW, Welker evaluated that "(DPCW) will be sufficient to solve these problems." In addition, he wrote in his letter, “I strongly support the peaceful unification of the Korean Peninsula because it acknowledges the absurdity of the existence of a divided country on the earth as a result of the outdated times caused by the Cold War in the 1960s.”

Chairman Man-hee Lee delivers a lecture during the ‘Pan-European Peace Forum - Plan for Peaceful Reunification and Action through DPCW’ held at the Leonardo Royal Hotel in Frankfurt, Germany, on May 12th 2018

Before delivering his letter of support, former councillor Welker and Chairman Lee had a conversation the day before, on the 11th, at the Sofitel Hotel in Frankfurt, Germany.

During the interview, former councillor Welker said, "My interest in peace has grown through HWPL.'' He also suggested a plan for a future peace project to Chairman Lee, saying that he hopes to achieve it together with HWPL. This plan also includes the installation of a peace monument to commemorate HWPL's peace activities. To this, Chairman Lee replied, “I think I have met a noble person,” and, “I feel like Heaven has sent someone to comfort and help this person after knowing that he is having a difficult time.”

At that time, HWPL was on their 27th peace tour and, for the first time, the peace delegation presented their peace book ‘The True Story of HWPL’, compiled and produced by the peace movement, detailing all their peace activities to date. Former councillor Welker, who attended HWPL's 5.25 World Peace Walk in Frankfurt on May 25th 2016, was the first recipient of the peace story book. Welker was fascinated by Chairman Lee's practical peace activities and decided to actively support HWPL's activities.

Chairman Lee in dialogue with former councillor Welker, to whom he presented ‘The True Story of HWPL' peace book that details the fruits of HWPL's peace efforts, on May 11th 2018, at the Sofitel Hotel in Frankfurt, Germany. Former councillor Welker was the first person to be gifted 'The True Story of HWPL' peace book.

Welker, who was a local councillor at the time, expressed great interest in the peace activities in Frankfurt, attending every event to deliver a speech, including at the WARP Office meeting.

In addition, following HWPL's peace tour, former local councillor Welker attended the 4th annual commemoration of the WARP Summit in Korea in September 2018. He found a site in the Frankfurt area to install the Peace Monument and recommended a school to become a peace academy that teaches HWPL peace education. He also liaised with the German National Library in Frankfurt to have the peace book, containing the fruits of HWPL's peace movement, on display.

Meanwhile, HWPL visited five European countries including Ukraine, Germany, Sweden, Norway and Romania during their 27th peace tour (May 8-23rd 2018) to gather support for the peaceful reunification of the Korean Peninsula.

During this tour, HWPL met local government officials, women and youth group leaders, and religious leaders to hold peace forums, sign MOUs, and other meetings for the development of peace within each respective country. In particular, a Peace Forum hosted in five European countries was held under the theme of the peaceful reunification of the Korean Peninsula. The forum served as a platform to discuss and implement the global community's joint efforts on the Korean Peninsula issue, which itself is directly related to the stability and peace of the international community.

Participants take a commemorative photo following a meeting for the proliferation of a culture of peace, and support for the peaceful reunification of the Korean Peninsula, by former high-ranking European politicians at the National Assembly in Bucharest, Romania, during the 27th Peace Tour on May 19th 2018


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  1. The Chairman of HWPL, Man-hee Lee, is a Korean War veteran who has travelled the world 31 times meeting politicians, Heads of State, religious leaders and international law experts to discuss the DPCW and gain the support of citizens around the world. 21 international law experts were involved in the drafting of the DPCW. HWPL currently has support in 192 different countries with over 600,000 members working to help establish peace throughout the world. It is a miracle that a 91-year-old man can spearhead such a peace movement. Kudos to Chairman Lee.