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[HWPL] ‘Declaration of HWPL Day’, ‘Peace Appreciation Certificate' and ‘Honorary Citizen Certificate' by Carson City, Los Angeles, USA


[HWPL] ‘Declaration of HWPL Day’, ‘Peace Appreciation Certificate' and ‘Honorary Citizen Certificate' by Carson City, Los Angeles, USA

At the American Peace Conference held at the Carson Community Center in Los Angeles on December 6th 2014, former Los Angeles Mayor Jim Dear established and declared May 25th 'HWPL Day', conferred honorary citizenship on Chairman Man-hee Lee and issued him a citation

2018 City of Carson Proclamation of DPCW Awareness Week

The proclamation of the 10 articles and 38 clauses of the Declaration of Peace and Cessation of War (DPCW) by Man-hee Lee, Chairman of Heavenly Culture, World Peace, Restoration of Light (HWPL), in 2016, triggered an overwhelming global response.

In the United States, a remarkable achievement resulted in the form of a pledge to support HWPL's peace movement by Carson City in the south bay region of Los Angeles County, California.

Announced on June 4th 2018, the 'City of Carson Proclamation in Recognition of Declaration of Peace and Cessation of War (DPCW) Awareness Week' stated, “the Mayor and City Council of Carson, California proclaim June 9-15 2018 'DPCW Peace Awareness Week''' to encourage citizens to accept the need for peace within the community - at home and in school - and as a pledge to garner support for peace education within the workplace and government.

The main text of the declaration was recorded concisely in line with the 10 articles and 38 clauses of HWPL's DPCW.

City of Carson's Proclamation Declaring May 25 'HWPL Day'

City of Carson first addressed religious freedom, stating, “Religious freedom is a fundamental human right, and Carson citizens promote peaceful coexistence between religious and ethnic groups.” It emphasized that "Peaceful dialogue between government leaders and citizens is essential for a culture of tolerance and fairness."

It stated, “Peaceful conflict resolution is important for creating a harmonious community, and in our diverse society, everyone respects the differences in race, religion, and culture.” “To end violence, citizens promote peace. We need to build a culture that supports and promotes peace, and a culture of peace must be preserved through activism, the media, and legislation to benefit mankind.”

In addition, it asserts that “protecting the environment and acknowledging environmental justice are essential to creating a peaceful society that will be passed on to future generations, and peace education should be encouraged in schools, workplaces, and local communities to maintain a peaceful society.”

Albert Robles, former Mayor of City of Carson

This declaration was promoted and announced by former Mayor Albert Robles, who attended the WARP Summit in 2014. Following Mayor Jim Dear (2004-2015), Albert Robles served as Mayor of Carson from 2016-2020.

The City of Carson's confidence in HWPL had been demonstrated through its designation of Chairman Lee as Honorary Citizen and issuing Chairman Lee a citation for his peace movement on December 6th 2014, during the period of Mayor Jim Dear in office. Moreover, Carson City drew attention by designating May 25th, a date when the Declaration of World Peace was proclaimed, as “Heavenly Culture, World Peace and Restoration of Light (HWPL) Day.”

Honorary Citizen of Carson City Certificate, LA

At that time, during peace discussions with Chairman Lee, Mayor Dear promised his support, saying, “The work that the Chairman has done so far is really great and important. While I serve as Mayor of Carson, I will cooperate with Chairman’s peace movement in whatever way I can.”

Chairman Lee noted that at the time of the 1st WARP Summit, the participants signed a peace treaty and a pledge for the alliance of religions. He said, “It has not been possible until now because there has neither been an end to war, nor the security of peace within this global village. If we do it, we can do it.” Mayor Dear said, “Chairman Lee’s words are the answer to peace. I think there is a clear way to achieve peace."

A peace conference was also held on May 22nd 2014 in Carson, during the 10th peace tour of Chairman Lee, in the presence of about 1000 people whose enthusiastic support was given.

Peace Appreciation Certificate by the City of Carson, Los Angeles County: May 22nd 2014

Peace Appreciation Certificate by the City of Carson, Los Angeles County: December 6th 2014


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  1. Another great post. The Chairman of HWPL, Man-hee Lee, is a Korean War veteran who has travelled the world 31 times meeting politicians, Heads of State, religious leaders and international law experts to discuss the DPCW and gain the support of citizens around the world. 21 international law experts were involved in the drafting of the DPCW. HWPL currently has support in 192 different countries with over 600,000 members working to help establish peace throughout the world. It is a miracle that a 92-year-old man can spearhead such a peace movement. Kudos to Chairman Lee.