Sunday, December 5, 2021

[Trip] Photo Trip - Cherwon (Makguksu & Goseokjeong)


[Trip] Photo Trip - Cherwon (Makguksu & Goseokjeong)

A few months ago, on an autumn day in Korea, I went to Cheorwon on a two-day trip, after harvest, to visit my friend who is a farmer :)

As it was a warm day with a cool breeze and beautiful sunshine, I thought I'd share part of my trip with you.

The red rectangle shows the location of Cheorwon

Cheorwon Makguksu - Buckwheat cold noodle restaurant from the 1940s

Makguksu (Buckwheat cold noodle) is $8

Cheorwon is located in the middle of the northern-most point of South Korea, between Gyeonggi and Ganwon province, and has a notoriously cold and windy winter, but is popular for the habitat of migratory birds and the Hantangang River which holds precious geological and archeological value.

The first place that I visited was Cheorwon Makguksu, which is a famous buckwheat cold noodle restaurant in operation since the 1940s. It now run by the son and grandson of the founder of the restaurant with a traditional recipe from old times :)

Every makguksu restaurant serves noodle water before the noodle is served

Cheorwon-style spicy makguksu is served with its trademark sauce and plenty of cold meat stock

Goseokjeong was the second place I visited in Cheorwon. This is well-known as the hiding place of Im Kkeokjeong (?~1562) who was a righteous outlaw. Its beautiful and overwhelming grandiosity easily convinced me that it was a hiding place of the righteous outlaw Im Kkeokjeong :)

Bon Voyage!

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  1. Beautiful photos of a beautiful country which I hope to visit once this pandemic comes to an end.