Tuesday, November 16, 2021

[HWPL] The 1st Anniversary of the WARP (World Alliance of Religions' Peace) Summit, Guest Speakers Share their Impressions


[HWPL] The 1st Anniversary of the WARP (World Alliance of Religions' Peace) Summit, Guest Speakers Share their Impressions

No border, creed, or race could block participants' enthusiasm for ‘peace’. All participants were moved by the fact that everyone could come together for the same purpose of peace, and they proclaimed a newfound hope that peace could be achieved through the WARP Summit. Remarks and congratulatory messages by guest speakers who unanimously proclaimed, “Now is the time to end war and achieve peace”, are summarized herein.

Stjepan Mesić, 2nd President of Croatia

"As one of people at the WARP Summit who signed an international law to end wars should be enacted, I ask all good-willed people to support this international law."

Rexhep Meidani, Former President of Albania

"This event is a very meaningful opportunity to reaffirm and discuss our aspirations and responsibilities to end the war, and to plan and announce future activities. As a signatory of the 'Proposal to Implement International Law for the Cessation of War and World Peace', I would like to convey this to the entire international community."

Khil laj Legmi, Former Prime Minister of Nepal

"The initiatives of HWPL are exemplary to the entire world, as the activities of HWPL for advocating peace is unique and effective in all spheres. I have a firm belief that HWPL has been able to continue its activities for global peace with inspiring guidance, motivation, and the leadership of Chairman Lee. I appreciate the idea of Chairman Man Hee Lee who expressly emphasized it and determined that a separate convention for peace is a need of the present world. I am optimistic that the conference will serve as an impetus for the codification and declaration of the international convention for peace.”

Dr. Fathi Kemicha of Tunisia, Former member of UN International Law Commission

"The Convention on the Renunciation and Cessation of War and International Armed Conflicts will bring us closer to a more peaceful and prosperous world. The collective might of the people here, of the women and youths that HWPL represents, could be what is needed to bring about such change"

Franklin Hoet-Linares, President of the World Jurist Association, Venezuela

"HWPL is well known as an organization that has made a lot of progress since 2013. I am very impressed with this and came to Korea to help with this work and find work for us to do. I believe that what someone does to achieve peace, we should also join in for the sake of humanity."

Esmael Mangududatu, Former Governor of Maguindanao, Philippines

"After the World Peace Summit, we started planning for the work of peace, and as a result, in May, we invited Chairman Lee to congratulate Maguindanao on the establishment of 'HWPL Day'. Now that Maguindanao has become a province of peace, I believe that Mindanao will gradually become a land of peace."

Ratu William Mataika, Former President of NYCF of Fiji

"I still vividly remember the words of Chairman Lee at the World Peace Summit last year, which was an event that opened my eyes. As a member of IPYG, I will surely convey the answer to the peace I experienced while staying in Korea. We will proceed with a project urging the enactment of international law to end war."

Wakas Sayed Ahmed, Secretary General of the Southwest Branch of the Center for Islamic Studies in North America, USA

"To motivate the young people of this generation to work for the noble purpose of world peace and to have them work for a very important work around the world is truly a great achievement of Chairman Lee."

Epeli Vakatawa, a freelance journalist of Fiji One TV

"HWPL's peace movement touched my heart. If you look at other peace movements, most of them speak and sign, but there is very little real evidence. However, HWPL is an organization that practices the peace movement. I am very happy to be working with HWPL here."

Meher Master-Moos, President of Zoroastrian College, India

"God is working through Chairman Lee among all people in the world to achieve peace. It was very impressive that 200,000 young people from all over the world gathered in one place last year. Like a magnet, Chairman Lee gathers people from all over the world to create a spirit of peace within each person."

Bhai Sahib Satpal Singh Khalsa, Ambassador of Sikh Dharma, USA

"I had never seen an event(WARP Peace Summit) on this large scale representing peace and the call for unity from all over the world among all religions. This event was one of the most well organized events. Even many governments and the UN probably cannot put up any event like this majestic WARP Peace Summit hosted by Mr. Man Hee Lee"


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  1. HWPL’s peace work is unprecedented. I sincerely hope it will continue with great vigour, as it seems peace and stability is needed now more than ever in these uncertain times. More than 30,000 people from 157 countries attended the 7th Anniversary HWPL World Peace Summit online on Sept. 18th 2021, and more than 200 schools worldwide have been designated HWPL Peace Academies, educating today's youth on the importance of peace.

    Moreover, many heads of state - both existing and former - have publicly declared their support for HWPL's Declaration of Peace and Cessation of War (DPCW), citing it as the only solution to ceasing all conflict and achieving peace on a global scale. The words of H.E. Viktor Yushchenko, former President of Ukraine, sums up the importance of the DPCW very well: “The DPCW is a perfect and balanced document that can be the basis of solidarity for peacekeeping in all countries of the world. I think all the leaders of the countries should support the DPCW.”

    May the words, 'We are One!' ring true in 2021 and into 2022✌️