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[HWPL] HWPL Heats Up World's Online News...World Pays Attention to 'World Peace Summit'


[HWPL] HWPL Heats Up World's Online News...World  Pays Attention to 'World Peace Summit'

“I have something I want to say (to reporters). Isn't peace better than war? If you are not yet a peace ambassador, please become one. Shouldn't the media take the lead?"

-HWPL Representative Man-Hee Lee at a press conference held after the declaration ceremony for the enactment of international law on the cessation of war on March 14, 2016-

Chairman Man-hee Lee ㈔ Heavenly Culture, World Peace, Restoration of Light (HWPL) frequently uses the expression “calling heaven and earth as a witness” at official public meetings. It is also said to emphasize that everything he does is worthy of respect and of being publicized.

Furthermore, there are those who are invited to be witnesses at peace events or at official events: journalists. In response, world media has shown great interest in Chairman Man-hee Lee's innovative methods and groundbreaking results for achieving world peace. In particular, during his world peace tours in 70 countries, Chairman Lee responded to requests for media coverage more than 300 times, including interviews and broadcast appearances.

World media could not forget the excitement of the World Peace Summit held on September 18th, 2014 at the Jamsil Olympic Stadium in Seoul, South Korea, with the participation of 200,000 people. Even at the time, the media expressed surprise within headlines, and the annual ceremony held on September 18th each year thereafter was also re-examined.

In particular, this peace summit was special in that it clearly demonstrated how peace can practically be achieved, through the official proposal of two solutions for peace that Chairman Lee obtained through his earnest prayers to heaven. Chairman Lee suggested the “enactment of an international law to end war in the global community” and the “alliance of religions” as answers to achieving peace. As a way to achieve this, he proposed a campaign to support the Declaration of Peace and Cessation of War (DPCW - 10 Articles, 38 Clauses) and the activity of the ‘World Alliance Religions' Peace Office’. Participants were amazed with this clear answer. This news was made known to all countries through the press.

AnaneimConnected of the United States reported with the headline, “The World Peace Summit, the beginning of a new era, announcing a world of peace.” A report was also published in the Chinese newspaper Sacheondang Daejapmun, which read, “The passion of young people for world peace has captured the hearts of global leaders.”

Malaysia malaysiasaya emphasized in its headlines that "the official press conference of the World Peace Summit presented a concrete way to end war and achieve world peace."

Brazil's Noticia Na Hora wrote, 'Religions from all over the world have come together for a world without war', while Albaiulianul, Romania, delivered the news of the World Peace Summit, saying, "The government, non-profit and religious organizations discussed together to establish peace."

Bosnia and Herzegovina OSLOBODENJE reported the headline, "the largest peace conference ever held with presidents from all over the world”, and Nigeria’s The Nation emphasized that “a new era of world peace has been declared”. Brunei Bru Direct said, “The successful hosting of the World Peace Summit, which opened the beginning of a new era of peace, informed the world that the era of peace has begun, and Seoul, Korea has become a center of peace.”

Others that reported on the World Peace Summit included SanDiegoRed in Mexico, The Nation in Nigeria, Africe Today in Angola, Applause Africa in USA, Africa News Analysis in USA, KP Daily News in Cyprus, SINART in Costa Rica, Georgia Today in Costa Rica, A1plus in Armenia, EMTV in Papua New Guinea, Spy News Agency in Ghana, Chad state broadcasting station Electron TV, Bahrain Bahrain News Agency, Zimbabwe Daily News, Nicaragua state broadcasting station Bolsa de Noticias, Yemen NationalYemaen, and more.

Everywhere Chairman Lee visited on a peace tour, reports were carried out through online media as well as broadcasts.

Bolsa de Noticias, the national broadcaster of Nicaragua, announced the news of Chairman Lee's visit online, and CNBC in the United States reported that "World peace activist and HWPL representative delivers a message of peace to the United Nations."

News of Chairman Lee’s peace trip, talks, press conferences, women’s forum, youth forum, world peace walk, MOU and MOA agreement ceremonies, peace agreement ceremonies, and peace school designation ceremonies were reported through the media in each country.

CNN iReport, a public media outlet in the United States, reported the news of HWPL's UN Peace Conference with the headline, "'World Peace Leadership', and the 'Women, Youth, and Interdenominational Conference' at the United Nations!"

Mexico el mexicano, Lebanon Saida World, South Africa Platiumweekly, Veracruz e-consulta, Romania digi24, Philippines spyghana, Philippine philstar, Kosovo RTV, UK Zimeye, Kyrgyzstan state media KTRK, Albania ATA, Nigeria The Niche, Bulgaria Sakanews, Sakanews The media outlet Lanka Puvaths reported on HWPL's peace activities.



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  2. HWPL's work of peace is unprecedented. Many heads of state - both existing and former - have publicly declared their support for HWPL's Declaration of Peace and Cessation of War (DPCW), citing it as the only solution to ceasing all conflict and achieving peace on a global scale. I truly believe peace will be restored in today's conflict-ridden nations through HWPL soon. May peace prevail!

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