Wednesday, June 2, 2021

[Food] Food Trip to Gangneung - Meatball House


[Food] Food Trip to Gangneung - Meatball House

Today is a cloudy, gloomy and rainy, but hot and moist day because today's forecast predicts showers this afternoon. After a workout at the gym, I'm a very hungry hippo. I think I want some meat, and there's one place in Gangneung that can soothe my appetite :)

I follow the road to Wolhwa street on foot, where a major railroad in Gangneung once was, but now it has become Gangneung citizens' favorite park since it was turned into one for the 2018 Winter Olympics :)

Anyway, it's way to the back streets of downtown Gangneung :)

Eh....I love Gangneung but I guess it's not as much as this artwork does...

I keep going on downtown Wolhwa street to the back streets, and there it is :)

Ta-dah, I introduce Australian Meatball House in Gangneung, the only meatball house in Gangneung. The owner of this restaurant named it because he learned Australian-style cooking when he stayed in Australia for a few years.

There are some posters that contain images of Australia, and the owner speaks English too. Obviously it has an English menu. They make very nice meatballs with a mixed tomato, cream and rose-based sauce, as well as Aussie-style meat chili hot-dog and chips. However, I only order 6 meatballs with tomato sauce without bread, cheese, chips or chili because my skin broke out a few months ago, so my diet is very restricted for therapeutic purposes...(sigh).

Despite my poor skin condition, I'm satisfied with what I ordered because it's so nice.

It looks a lot but I can eat them in a very short moment and still enjoy their full taste and texture :)

Meatballs are as big as golf balls and fully covered in tomato sauce. Tomato sauce has onions and mushrooms so you won't get bored :)

The tomato sauce is full of tomatoes, which is very refreshing, sweet, sour and savory, yet with a firm and core taste of original tomato and beef stock :)

The meatballs are very soft yet don't lose the original texture of minced meat, giving you a satisfying taste on your tongue. Coarsely chopped garlic, onion and mustard seed in the meatball prevents the dish from becoming greasy.

I'm sorry that I forgot to take a photo after eating them all because the dish was so good that I forgot I had to take a photo :)

If you ever visit Gangneung in the future, don't miss this place :)

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  1. This looks absolutely delicious! I hope to sample this in its authentic form in your country one day in the not-so-distant future.