Wednesday, November 25, 2020

[Food] Gogiguksu (고기국수, Meat Noodles)


[Food] Gogiguksu (고기국수, Meat Noodles)

Koreans served noodles with anchovy stock to guests to celebrate marriage or birthday or any good occasion because long noodle meant 'long live'. Meanwhile in Jeju Island, which is the most famous Korean tourist land in far south of Korea, people served steamed pork instead of noodles. However they served steamed pork with noodles since 1910~1920 A.D. when they started to produce noodles.

As beautiful as the scenery of Jeju Island is, Jeju Island's pork his of very high quality (and even today) without the gamey and foul smell, so they proudly serve noodles with high-quality pork. Today this noodle is called Gogiguksu (고기국수, Meat Noodles) and is a typical Jeju Island gourmet, followed by Jeju Island's half-dried tile fish and tangerine.

Gogiguksu is a very simple yet delicious dish. Put cooked noodles into thick and savory pork stock, and slice thick steamed pork to be topped on noodles. Savory, meaty and stodgy noodle with soft pork.

If you are a meat lover, how about trying gogiguksu when you visit Korea? Although you may not be a big fan of noodle soup, I'm sure that you will like it :)

Bon Appétit!

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