Wednesday, May 20, 2020

[Food] Dori'bangbang'? No, Doribaengbaeng (도리뱅뱅, Spicy Roasted Minnow)


[Food] Dori'bangbang'? No, Doribaengbaeng (도리뱅뱅, Spicy Roasted Minnow)

Doribaengbaeng (도리뱅뱅, Spicy Roasted Minnow)

Today eating saltwater fish is very common for Koreans. Maybe it's very obvious because Korea is a country on the peninsular with vast marine resources and fishing technology. The East Sea and waters to the west and south have been long-time suppliers of a variety of seafoods to Koreans, but only to people living in cities near the coastlines.

Those less fortunate to be born in the inner (central) part of South Korea have had few opportunities to taste saltwater fish because of poor transport networks as seafood becomes stale during its period of transportation from the sea. However, there are many streams and creeks in mountains and plains that provide much freshwater fish and shellfish.

Chungcheongbuk Province, inner South Korea

Geum River (금강, Geumgang) in Chungcheong Province, South Korea

Minnow is a very common, typical freshwater fish found in any stream or creek in South Korea. It's not a big fish;  just the size of one's palm. Let me show you a picture of it because I think that seeing it is believing.

Minnow (피라미, It's called 'Pirahmi' in Korean)

I'm quite sure that Koreans are not only people refined in good music but also fine gourmet. People in Chungcheong Province thought about eating freshwater fish in a more delectable manner and so invented 'Doribaengbaeng (도리뱅뱅, Spicy Roasted Minnow)'. It's a very simple dish where one roasts small minnows on a grill or pan then tops it with a spicy sauce, garnished with a sprinkling of sesame seed :)

Doribaengbaeng (도리뱅뱅, Spicy Roasted Minnow)

It had only become a well-known traditional Korean food in 2019 when a comedian on a major prime-time show aired nationally stopped at Geumgang Rest Area to eat doribaengbaeng. I haven't tasted it yet but I really want to, and I wonder how it tastes :)

If you ever visit Chungcheong Province or Geumgang Rest Area, please try doribaengbaeng and tell me how it tastes :) I hope I can taste it soon in the near future :)

Bon Appétit!

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  1. Another wonderful recipe. I hope I'll have the opportunity to savour these dishes.