Tuesday, October 15, 2019

[IPYG] IPYG Launches Youth Ethnic Sports for the World Peace in Sydney


[IPYG] IPYG Launches Youth Ethnic Sports for the World Peace in Sydney

International Peace Youth Group (IPYG) has been working for world peace through its many branches around the world. IPYG is a subgroup of HWPL (Heavenly Culture, World Peace, Restoration of Light. Chairman Man Hee Lee) which is taking the lead in its global "Legislate Peace" campaign and other such initiatives including Peace Education.

On July 6th 2019, IPYG held its first sports event as it launched 'Youth Ethnic Sports (Y.E.S) for Peace' program in Sydney to provide a platform for youth to enhance global contact within their community and work towards a more harmonious society with better understanding of different cultures.

IPYG's Youth Ethnic Sports for Peace program also offers a short peace education that teaches the value of peace, and methods of recognizing, resolving and preventing conflicts to prioritize peace over conflict.

HWPL's official homepage reported that a group of over 20 high school and university students gathered at the Fairfield Youth and Community Center on July 6th to play a friendly soccer tournament and learn about peace.

Through the Y.E.S (Youth Ethnic Sports for Peace) program, HWPL aims to encourage and develop a culture of peace which leads to peaceful resolution of conflicts and hostilities, and eventually creates world peace through the creation and establishment of peace within the family and every community. This is the beginning of achieving world peace.

After the tournament, all participants watched an IPYG video and listened to a short speech by Mrs. Tahera Jehanbeen, founder of Afghan Professionals Group, who appreciated and praised participants for their work towards peace.


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HWPL official homepage : www.hwpl.kr

IWPG official homepage : http://www.iwpg.org/en/

IPYG official homepage : www.ipyg.kr

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