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[HWPL] The 7th WARP Office Interfaith Dialogue in Suwon


[HWPL] The 7th WARP Office Interfaith Dialogue in Suwon

HWPL WARP Office's Interfaith Dialogue

HWPL (Heavenly Culture, World Peace, Restoration of Light; Chairman Man Hee Lee) Southern Seoul and Gyeonggi province branch hosted 'The 7th WARP Office Interfaith Dialogue in Suwon' on Oct. 10th 2019. 

HWPL is a global peace NGO under the UN's ECOSOC (Economic and Social Council) which has been carrying out its global "Legislate Peace" campaign for implementation of the international law 'DPCW (Declaration of Peace and Cessation of War)', with its 10 articles and 38 clauses, for world peace. WARP (World Alliance of Religions' Peace) Office is one of "Legislate Peace" campaign's main initiatives that promotes peaceful discussion and understanding among religions of the world.

The topics for discussion were : 

1. Does your scripture have a record of a peaceful world? If it does, how is it described and where is it? If it does not, how would you describe a 'peaceful world'?

2. To achieve world peace, what role do you think you should play?

HWPL WARP Office's Interfaith Dialogue
Mr. Jaeman Lee, a teacher of Jeung San Do, said:
"Every culture and religion will be united and a united Korea will be established in the Korean peninsula. There will be no aging, pain or death. Paradise will be created on earth and humans will assume the role of a parent taking care of the earth."

Mr. Junghan Kim, a Christian pastor, said:
"Achieving world peace is being united under the word of God. When we discuss with open hearts and tolerance, we can make a peaceful world without war. Truly religious people must participate in discussions like the WARP Office and must seek the way to world peace and the scripture that can best achieve world peace. Religious leaders have to struggle to become messengers of peace."

Currently, HWPL's WARP Office has 170 branches globally and is carrying out WARP Office Interfaith Dialogue for peace among religions.


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