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[HWPL] 2019 HWPL 918 World Peace Summit "Legislate Peace" - Events of the 18th and the 19th!


[HWPL] 2019 HWPL 918 World Peace Summit "Legislate Peace" - Events of the 18th and the 19th!

Finally, the day has come! Today is the day of the 2019 HWPL (Heavenly Culture, World Peace, Restoration of Light) World Peace Summit "Legislate Peace".

There are many upcoming peace events for VIPs and participants to discuss and improve HWPL's peace campaign. Before I introduce you to the events, I first want to tell you about HWPL :)

HWPL was established in 2013 as a Peace NGO under the UN's ECOSOC (Economic and Social Council) and Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Korea (South Korea). It consists of HWPL, IWPG (International Women's Peace Group) and IPYG (International Peace Youth Group) to carry out peace work most efficiently with many people. Chairman Man Hee Lee, founder of HWPL, is a Korean War veteran who has experienced the cruel and tragic war on the front lines. After the war, he decided to make an organization to achieve world peace to pass on a peaceful world to future generations.

Today, Mr. Man Hee Lee and the peace groups (HWPL, IWPG and IPYG) have been carrying out "Legislate Peace" campaign which aims to urge and support the enactment of the DPCW (Declaration of Peace and Cessation of War) with its 10 articles and 38 clauses as international law. The DPCW is appraised as the only answer for world peace and to permanently resolve all global wars and conflicts.

Chairman Man Hee Lee and peace advocates of the peace groups at the Pan-African assembly in support of the DPCW

The 918 World Peace Summit is an event that gathers every participant to discuss the current process for world peace, to present achievements, and to seek ways of improving peace work together. Currently, 193 events of the 2019 918 World Peace Summit is being hosted in 112 countries and 164 cities with participants from 136 countries including current & former world heads of state, politicians, diplomats, legal and educational experts, press, leaders of women and youth NGOs and religious leaders.

So, here are the events on the 18th and the 19th this year! :)

▶️Sep. 18th (Wed.) 16:00 (GMT+9) (Click Following Link to Watch)

▶️Sep. 19th (Thu.) 10:00 (GMT+9)
2019 Conference for the Implementation of the Declaration of Peace and Cessation of War

▶️Sep. 19th (Thu.) 14:00 (GMT+9)
2019 International Women's Peace  Conference 

▶️Sep. 19th (Thu.) 14:30 (GMT+9)
HWPL Peace Education Conference

▶️Sep. 19th (Thu.) 14:30 (GMT+9)
2019 International Youth Peace Conference

▶️Sep. 19th (Thu.) 15:30 (GMT+9)
5th International Religious Leaders Conference

I hope you will all join the 918 World Peace Summit "Legislate Peace" and make world peace together :)


Want to be informed and involved? Click Below!

HWPL official homepage : www.hwpl.kr

IWPG official homepage : http://www.iwpg.org/en/

IPYG official homepage : www.ipyg.kr

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