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[Food] Jangjorim (Soy sauce braised meat, 장조림)


[Food] Jangjorim (Soy sauce braised meat, 장조림)

Beef jangjorim garnished with garlic and gguari pepper (shishito pepper)

It is true that many non-Koreans who are fond of Korean gourmet know about main, heavy, meaty and typical Korean foods such as Bulgogi, Galbi, Kimchi and Bibimbab. However, I would say these are not frequently neither commonly served menus on the everyday Korean table because Koreans usually eat these foods on special occasions (except Kimchi, which is a typical side dish). Then, what do Koreans usually eat for their daily meal? I have been introducing many Korean dishes and side dishes. Today's menu is one of the Korean's favorite :) Jangjorim!

Jangjorim placed in the middle of a Korean meal
Jangjorim's 'Jang' means 'Sauce' and 'Jorim' means 'Braise', so it means 'Braised in sauce'. What do Koreans braise in which sauce? They usually braise meat (beef and pork) in sweet soy sauce :) The jangjorim recipe is recorded in a 15th century Korean book. Korean culinary experts estimate that the recipe of braising in sauce initially came to the Korean peninsula from China.

In the past, people didn't have freezers in the time of the Chosun dynasty (obviously because this period was far before the invention of the freezer) but Koreans wanted to store meat for a long time in jars and pots. So they invented recipes that could preserve meat and egg for a long time using salt. Jangjorim is one of the results :)

The recipe is not very hard, but it takes a long time.

1. If using beef or pork, put it into the water to remove the blood
2. Boil or steam meat with rice wine and a laurel leaf (no need to boil if using egg)
3. Put meat into a mixed soy sauce (soy sauce, sugar, sliced ginger and plum juice ), and braise for 15 minutes
4. Put quail eggs (if desired) and garlic, then heat it till it boils.

5. Tear the meat apart into small pieces (so you can eat it easily), then boil them once again in the sauce with sesames.

Usually, jangjorim is stored in a plastic box to be stored in a freezer, so it can be enjoyed longer
Egg jangjorim is not as popular as beef, but is still a welcomed side dish

Quail egg jangjorim, cheap and tasty jangjorim

Beef jangjorim. The 'eye of round' is usually used for it.
I love eating jangjorim with hot rice and kimchi :) chewy beef or pork that is well braised in soy sauce gives you a sweet and salty flavor every time you chew it :) I think I will cook jangjorim tonight. I miss its chewy and salty flavor.

Bon Appétit!

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