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[Peace news] Lest We Forget - Korean War Historical Sites

[Peace news]

[Peace news] Lest We Forget - Korean War Historical Sites

The tragic Korean War erupted 69 years ago but its deep scars remain throughout the Korean peninsular. On June 25th, Hankuk Youth Daily reported on the number of historical Korean War sites within Korea, reminding people of the necessity and desire for a world of peace without wars.

6.25...Historical sites that remind pain of Korean War / Reporter Wongeuk Seo and Hyeonsoon Lee / June 24th 2019 / Hankuk Youth Daily / South Korea
1. Geoje Island POW Camp Memorial Park

Geoje Island POW Camp was built to accommodate Chinese and North Korean POWs and was the biggest POW camp in the days following World War 2.

2. Dabudong War Memorial Museum and Patriotic Bridge in Waegwan
Dabudong Chilgok and Waegwan Patriotic Bridge in Gyeongbuk province are locations for one of the fiercest battles that reversed the situation favorably for the UN and Korean Army during the Korean War, causing countless deaths of soldiers and citizens. It is true that the counteroffensive by the UN-Korean alliance against North Korea started from Dabudong battle and Incheon Landing Operation.

3. Memorial Hall for Incheon Landing Operation

I would say Koreans are indebted to General Douglas MacArthur and fellow soldiers (Koreans and non-Koreans) for a great victory in Incheon. Without the tremendous success of the Incheon Landing Operation, South Korea wouldn't possess its current territory and prosper.

4. Ulsan Public Park

Ulsan Public Park has a memorial monument and area for local soldiers (especially teenage soldiers) who fought in the Korean War.

5. Yongsan War Memorial Museum in Seoul

Yongsan War Memorial Museum in Seoul exhibits more than 9000 modern war history resources including the Korean War and the 'War Experience Room' where you can indirectly experience how cruel the war was. I remember when I visited this room as a youth - I was so disturbed by soldier mannequins with amputated legs squirting blood all over a medical mannequin opposite.

6. United Nations Memorial Cemetery in Busan, South Korea

The United Nations Memorial Cemetery in Busan, Korea, is the only UN cemetery in the world where soldiers from 11 countries who fought in the Korean War 'Rest In Peace'.

7. Yeoncheon Station Box Water Tower

The water tower that looks like a box in Yeoncheon, Gyeonggi province covered with bullet marks as soldiers fought to occupy the water tower for survival and victory in the war.

8. Cheorwon Peace Observation Tower

Commemorative Monument for Victory of Battle of White Horse

At Cherwon Observation Tower, you can see White Horse Hill where its owner changed 24 times during the Korean War by Battle of White Horse. Moreover, you can observe Propaganda Village (a village in North Korea that was made to promote the benefits of living in North Korea) via telescope.

There are more historical Korean War sites that commemorate the atrocious history in Korea and the world. When we look through or visit these sites, what is important is to think why people build historical war sites. We have to commemorate past wars to perceive the many faults, greed and misjudgments that led to so many people - including youths - losing their lives in war.

Today, the world still suffers from wars and conflicts, which means people have not learn anything about past wars and conflicts. Humanity today desperately needs peace. In order to prevent the same thing from happening again in today's generation, we have to be educated and work together for  world peace, and not only remind ourselves of past wars.

Educate children to resolve problems and conflicts through peaceful discussion and harmony, not through violence and weapons. I hope you are on the same page with me :)


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  1. The only way to prevent future conflicts from breaking out is to enact the DPCW as soon as possible. Urge all 193 heads of state to enact it as international law whhen it is introduced to the United Nations later this year

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    If we´re all spreading Peace there is no reason for war any more

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  7. Peace should be enjoyed by every nation not just for the powerful. DPCW is the solution for world peace.

  8. If we´re all spreading Peace there is no reason for war any more

  9. While memorials serve as a reminder of the efforts of the youths in order to achieve their goals, to many others it is a painful reminder of the things they once had but are now lost. Let's not allow history to repeat itself again, we can diplomatically achieve peace without any sacrifice of lives.

  10. We have to become one in order to change the world!

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