Sunday, July 7, 2019

[IPYG] IPYG Shout for Peace with Youth of Serbia


[IPYG] IPYG Shout for Peace with Youth of Serbia

IPYG (International Peace Youth Group - an NGO under Heavenly Culture, World Peace, Restoration of Light) and Bečejsko Udruženje Mladih co-hosted a Peace Letter campaign and Peace Walk festival to commemorate the 6th Anniversary of the Declaration of Peace from May 16th to 20th at Bačko Gradište and Liberty Square, Bečej, in South Bačka District, Serbia.

IPYG reported that over 700 youth and students from all around Serbia gathered at the Peace Walk festival, urging their head of state to support the DPCW (Declaration of Peace and Cessation of War).

Aleksandar Đekić, president of Bečejsko Udruženje Mladih, who experienced the wars in Croatia and Bosnia as a child, said that IPYG's DPCW drove him to carry out innovative work in society. Moreover, IPYG and his organization co-hosted the event to raise awareness of the DPCW and world peace.

Gordana Adamov, BUM Public Relations, stressed the significance of the Peace Letter campaign, saying :

"...We had a great discussion about Articles in DPCW and think some parts of it are very optimistic when we consider the politics of our president. Now, we realize that even though it seems impossible to get a response from the Serbian president, the best way to be sure of that is to try and to write letters."

I think that more and more people are working together with HWPL for the DPCW to be enacted as international law. This is very obvious given that everyone wants a peaceful world. No one wants war :) 

World Peace? Yes We Can!


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  1. This is tremendous work. Please let's urge all 193 heads of state to help sign and ratify the Declaration of Peace and Cessation of War (DPCW) as international law at the United Nations this September. Firaz.

  2. I want to do peace work together.

  3. 平和をため私もできることがあるって本当嬉しい!

  4. 世界の主人公である青年が平和を叫ぶなんて、すぐ平和が叶えるようです!

  5. Through this peace work, peace will be achieved.

  6. 平和のための歩きなんて素晴らしいです