Monday, June 10, 2019

[HWPL] HWPL Peace Camp Education in Israel with Israeli and Palestinian students!


[HWPL] HWPL Peace Camp Education in Israel with Israeli and Palestinian students!

Most people with an interest in international affairs, especially the Middle East, know how 'healthy' (irony intended) the relationship between Israel and Palestine has been since time memorial.

Long-term hatred and violence between these two countries on religious, political and diplomatic grounds has become an infamous issue within the international community. Countless casualties have resulted from major and minor military conflicts, claiming the lives of many innocent victims.

To this end, HWPL (Heavenly Culture, World Peace, Restoration of Light. Chairman: Mr. Man Hee Lee) has been carrying out its global Peace Education campaign and hosted Peace Camp Education for Israeli and Palestinian students to teach them about peace.

Chairman Man Hee Lee of HWPL always shouts for world peace, and he works for a world of peace to pass on to future generations. To make it a reality, he emphasises the importance of teaching youth everywhere how to understand and love one another and resolve conflict through dialogue, not with knives and guns.

Mar Elias Institution, Saint John's School and Hope School in Palestine all signed MOAs with HWPL, co-hosting 'HWPL Peace Education Camp: Crossing Border', with 150 faculty leaders and students in attendance.

Mr. Michael Chacour, the executive director of Mar Elias Institution said :

"......I find it the best education to help our kids to accept others, especially in our land. Such events should be held in other countries as well as Israel and Palestine."

To date, HWPL has signed numerous MOUs with ministries of education in the Philippines, Cambodia and Sri-Lanka - to name a few - and with schools and universities across the world (You can find related peace education articles in my blog).

On that day, students and faculty leaders wrote peace letters urging the heads of the 193 world states to support the DPCW (Declaration of Peace and Cessation of War; a new international law drafted by HWPL's International Law Peace Committee to resolve all global conflicts and achieve world peace). The DPCW, with its 10 articles and 38 clauses, will be enacted at the UN.

Mr. Khader S. J. Abuabbara said :

"......This created a culture of peace and planted the spirit of peace in the minds of the students who were entrusted to us..."

Personally, I'm relieved to see Israelis and Palestinians working together to learn about world peace in the midst of the ongoing conflict. To finish my article, I'd like to quote words by Alex, who participated at the peace camp:

"...I had the opportunity to build a good friendship with other students. I believe peace must be part of any work we carry out."

I hope people from all countries everywhere become close friends via HWPL's DPCW and peace campaign :)


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  1. HWPL's work of peace is growing beautifully. My hope is that all 193 heads of state can be urged into helping ensure the Declaration of Peace and Cessation of War (DPCW) is signed and ratified as international law at the United Nations this September

  2. 本当すてきなことです。平和を愛し戦争が嫌いなら是非返事を送りますね。

  3. 平和のために書く手紙は本当に書く側もうらう側も平和を感じると思います