Sunday, December 30, 2018

[IPYG] IPYG's Free Hugs Campaign for a Jolly Christmas!


[IPYG] IPYG's Free Hugs Campaign for a Jolly Christmas!

Every 25th of December is a very well known day for most people in the world - the day when Jesus Christ was born - and it is the day when Santa Clause, in his red costume, delivers presents for every kid in the world with his beloved red-nosed reindeer, Rudolf.

I hope that every visitor to my blog has received wonderful presents from somebody :)

Meanwhile, all the way down in the southern hemisphere, the Australian branch of IPYG (International Peace Youth Group) carried out its own warm campaign for a jolly Christmas!

IPYG is an organization made up of youth volunteers working for world peace across 6 branches, and hundreds of affiliates all over the world working together.

IPYG's international branches

To spread a culture of peace, love and unity, which is also one of the 10 articles of the DPCW (Declaration of Peace and Cessation of War), IPYG Australian branch decided to hug as many people as possible downtown! XD

Let's take a look at a video of IPYG's "I Present Your Gifts" :)

How was that? Isn't it a touching video that makes you smile? :)

Let me write a message directly from the video again for you :

We should be united 

No matter the age, race or religion

With a simple act of kindness

We all have the power

To Spread : Peace Unity Happiness

I don't think this 'Free Hugs' campaign is a simple campaign of showing the love of humanity. I personally think that IPYG wants to tell people that the world should be united to make world peace. And, to do that, just like a small hug can make others feel happy, we need to take small steps participating in IPYG's peace campaign to lead world peace.

I absolutely agree on this phrase "We all have the power to spread : Peace Unity Happiness". Your and my simple resolution for ourselves and the world will change the world.

Get informed and get involved today for world peace :) (Click for more information!)


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