Wednesday, December 5, 2018

[IPYG] What News! Coercive Conversion Ad on NY Times!


[IPYG] What News! Coercive Conversion Ad on NY Times!

On the 28th of November, a full back-page black-and-white printed advertisement appeared on the New York Times, which is one of the major papers with a strong impact and huge readership in U.S.A. It had the picture of a wolf with money and chain under sheepskin, and a girl tied up and burnt at the stake like a witch trial.

Every citizen in NY was reading and couldn't take their eyes off of this image of the wolf and a girl at the stake. What compelled them to read this advertisement from beginning to end?

It was published on the paper by the group "Go Fund Me" which has been carrying out a fund-raising campaign in Korea and U.S.A. to advertise the tragic incident of a young girl who died during the coercive conversion program because of the bleak human rights condition in Korea where peoples’ religious freedoms are exploited.

This advertisement has been delivered to people not only in U.S.A. but also across the world, including New Zealand, South Africa, Namibia, Uganda, Egypt, U.K. and more.

I've already talked about this terrible Coercive Conversion practice in my last posting :

[IWPG] Commemorative Ceremony for Ms. Ji-In Gu (Victim of Coercive Conversion)

What really makes me angry is that none of the Korean government, politicians, people of legal classes or press are showing any concern or considerable responsibility for this tragic human rights matter. The Republic of Korea is the country with democracy, human rights and religious freedom. However, ironically, it is the foreign press which shows concern and attention toward the incident - not any organization or group in Korea.

I really think that this is a very shameful situation in Korea. It is so sad that not many people are aware of it and the government and the national assembly are doing nothing at all. As it has always been, I think no one but you and I alone can change the situation and stand for human rights. If they don't have any idea how to improve the situation, then we have to do it :)

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