Tuesday, December 11, 2018

[HWPL] Egyptian Press Accuse CCK (Christian Council of Korea) for Inhumane and Undemocratic Crime


[HWPL] Egyptian Press Accuse CCK (Christian Council of Korea) for Inhumane and Undemocratic Crime

Taegeukgi, the national flag of Korea

The Republic of Korea is a democratic country, and its political power comes from its people. The Republic of Korea was founded on democracy and constitutional law. According to the constitution of Korea, state religion is not permitted and everyone has the right to freely believe in whatever religion they wish.

The National Assembly of Korea

However, according to the following articles, it seems like CCK (Christian Council of Korea) doesn't agree with the constitution of Korea :

Christian Council of Korea has always suppressed other religions and denominations that do not belong to them through the inhumane and undemocratic method of coercive conversion. Victims were kidnapped, beaten, handcuffed, confined and killed because they didn't belong to CCK but to other religions or denominations. So even much of the non-Korean press reported about it :

And today, much of the Egyptian press is reporting about the barbaric behavior of CCK under the title 'Religious undemocratic suppression raises human rights concerns in democratic South Korea' in Arabic.

Ibrahim Ahmed, Elahrarpress, Egypt, December 6th 2018

Ibrahim Ahmed, Elwatanelarabynews, Egypt, December 6th 2018

Ibrahim Ahmed, Alekhbarya, Egypt, December 6th 2018

Imahn El Damarani, Marsellyoum, Egypt, December 8th 2018

Mohamed Apdelmotal, Alsalamnews, Egypt, December 8th 2018

Why are many foreign press reports bringing to light the criminal and inhumane behaviors of CCK (Christian Council of Korea) ? It's simple: they are ignoring and violating peoples' basic human rights through force. Moreover, it is unforgivable and shocking that a so-called 'representative of the Christian community in Korea' - a religious organization with vested political interest - is committing so many crimes.

Moreover, they are not sorry at all but continue to deny their crimes and seek ways to earn money through coercive conversion. The government, legal classes, national assembly etc. are also doing nothing. So what can we do? We need to be united to shout and protest against it in order to let others join this campaign for human rights in Korea and for the world :)

Let's be united under human rights, freedom and peace for the world!


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