Tuesday, October 30, 2018

[HWPL] Come Everyone! Welcome to the WARP Office! -The 7th Scripture Comparative Discussion at Jeonbuk branch


[HWPL] Come Everyone! Welcome to the WARP Office! -The 7th Scripture Comparative Discussion at Jeonbuk branch

Greetings! Family of Peace! :)

The chairman of HWPL, Mr. Man Hee Lee, has said that 80% of global conflicts are caused by religion. HWPL has been carrying out its main initiatives for the cause of world peace. This is why I support HWPL's activity and its DPCW. I also want the DPCW to be introduced at the U.N.

Religiously-inspired wars must cease

The war between Catholics and Protestants

To resolve misunderstandings and conflict among various religions in today’s world, one of HWPL’s main initiatives is the WARP Office consisting of a panel discussion between different religious leaders on their scriptures and seeks to find the truth among these scriptures. Panels discuss and exchange opinions about one another’s religious perspective towards a certain topic :)

WARP Office Sessions
HWPL's WARP Office is currently taking place in Korea too. On the 25th, the 7th Scriptural Comparative Discussion was held at HWPL Jeonbuk branch. HWPL's branch manager Jooncheol Kyung, Pastor Seungho Lee, Monk Yongbo and Korean Confucian teacher Jaeoh Han took part in the day’s discussions.

Pastor Seungho Lee, HWPL Jeonbuk branch manager Jooncheol Kyung, Monk Yongbo, Korean Confucian teacher Jaeoh Han (From left-right)
Religious leaders and leading professors also participated in the discussion as the audience. The topic of the discussion was 'Good and Evil: What is the cause of evil? How can we resolve it?'

Senior HWPL representative, Mr. Kyung, began the discussion, saying "World peace is the desire of all mankind. Men have been struggling to achieve world peace but it hasn't yet happened because of religious conflicts. The only answer for world peace is in a scripture which the heavens have given to the world through a holy man."

Panels answered questions based on their scripture and participants were able to share and understand one another’s religion.

HWPL's WARP Offices have been operating since 2015 and there are now more than 250 WARP Offices throughout the world. More and more religious leaders are participating in these offices in an effort to understand, share and, ultimately, achieve world peace :)

I think this is a very positive and beneficial step which can bring peace to our world. I hope all religious people come to the WARP Offices and talk about their scriptures in order to remove all religious conflict and make world peace :)


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