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[HWPL] 918 World Peace WARP Summit : Participants and Comments, Inspiration and Praises.


[HWPL] 918 World Peace WARP Summit : Participants and Comments, Inspiration and Praises.

The 3rd Annual Commemoration of the WARP Summit was a successful event with beautiful and fantastic people, videos and photos. Furthermore, it provided great inspiration and hope to everyone who attended the 918 World Peace WARP Summit in 2017. However, the things that we saw with our own eyes were not the only things that the 918 World Peace WARP Summit in 2017 left with the participants.

Inspiration and hope triggered outpourings of ideas and plans to implement the DPCW (Declaration of Peace and Cessation of War) for world peace and a world without war. So, let's listen to the voices of participants who saw the 918 World Peace WARP Summit with their very own eyes.

Ms. Maria Theresa R. Timbol
President of Kapalong Council of Women

- "During the parade of peace, I could see the happy eyes of everyone longing for peace in the world."

- "I am sure it's the dream of all Koreans that finally someday the end of this peace movement will unite the South and the North once again will make Korea one country full of love, full of peace and full of joy."

Once again this year - at the 4th anniversary of the 918 World Peace WARP Summit 

people around the world will certainly see the 'happy eyes' of people who are 

yearning for peace (You still can watch it via a Live Broadcasting site if you cannot 

come to Korea :) ). And it is very true that everyone in Korea is longing for 

peaceful reunification of the Korean peninsula. I'm sure that the DPCW will cement

her comment into reality.

H.E. Iakoba Taeia Italeli
Governor General of Tuvalu
- "The DPCW itself emphasizes education and advocacy. It is the only option that we can work on for world is the most effective weapon which we can use to change the world."

I also personally think that teaching children peace is critical for the future. Future generations need to learn to solve conflict with communication and understanding, not violence and weapons.

Hon. Cristina Eugenia Reyes Hidalgo
Assembly woman of the National Assembly of Ecuador
- "I am sure that there are causes that take time. But at the end, when the people set their souls, their hearts, those causes really turn into realities. The seed of peace is possible with this flag, with this desire, with this longing to change the world."

I agree on what she said. I truly believe that when everyone unites to change the world and to accomplish world peace, then it will come true :)

Hon. Jean Max Rakotomamonjy
President of the National Assembly in Madagascar
- "We have to diffuse the message of peace. Every citizen and every organization of the world has his own responsibility to work to diffuse this message. I am sure that if we can act in every organization, it will accelerate our processes and goals for the implementation of the UN for this law...put it into the law and applied over the world."

As I mentioned in my last article about the 918 World Peace WARP Summit, it is not only people in authority who have special powers, but also everyday people like you and I, who can really change the world. He said 'Every citizen and every organization in the world', which means that we can make world peace when we unite as one.

The 4th anniversary of the 918 World Peace WARP Summit will be hosted in Korea in two weeks. My wish is that it creates more messengers of peace around the world :)


How about visiting 918 World Peace WARP Summit official website? :)

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