Tuesday, September 18, 2018

[HWPL] 918 World Peace WARP Summit : A Trip to 918 World Peace WARP Summit in Incheon


[HWPL] 918 World Peace WARP Summit : A Trip to 918 World Peace WARP Summit in Incheon

-Photo Diary of a HWPL Supporter : A Trip to Incheon

I will remember today and tomorrow as one of the greatest days of my life, like any other life milestone; and maybe not only for myself but for the whole world. This is not the 'very unlikely to happen' armageddon, World War 3 or a battle against aliens to save the world, universe and galaxy. 

This is the 918 World Peace WARP Summit, which is the world's biggest peace festival and this year is its 4th annual commemoration.

Official Eng. Homepage of the event : Click! http://bit.ly/2xybmoi
Youtube Live Broadcasting : Click! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nZo_76DrW4E

And today, to participate in tomorrow's 918 World Peace WARP Summit as a member of HWPL supporters (yay!), I'll be leaving for Incheon where the event will be hosted. I will take an express bus, let's go together :D

Bus terminal of my hometown

Express bus to Incheon

This kind bus is telling me that it is going to Incheon and will take around 3 hours.

Inside of the bus

Gapyeong express way shopping complex on the way to Incheon

Every expressway in Korea has many shopping complexes where you can stop by for a rest, meal, shopping and traffic update. I love snacks in express way's shopping complex XD

Here I am! Incheon! Hooray!
Yay! Here we are in Incheon :) Incheon is an international city and the 2nd biggest port city. It also has Incheon international airport that is welcoming visitors to Korea for the 918 World Peace WARP Summit :) I'm sure it will welcome me too!

Good morning! Family of peace :) I'm on a subway to the Asiade Stadium, Incheon, where the 918 World Peace WARP Summit will be held.

A platform of a subway station of Incheon

Me and my HWPL supporter friend will interview many participants and volunteers, and take a photo of them with their story :)

An alleyway that leads to Incheon Asiade Stadium

A great history will begin here once again - like in previous events. I heard that many staff and volunteers have been working and getting ready for today's event since dawn.

A shot of the Incheon Asiade Stadium from far

Now, the mood in the stadium is heating up :)

This pre-event article ends here. See you guys for the next article which will include an exclusive look into the 918 WARP World Peace WARP Summit with its participants and volunteers :)


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