Wednesday, March 28, 2018

[HWPL News] How religion can help make a more peaceful society

[HWPL News]

How religion can help 

make a more peaceful society

Religious leaders gather to discuss how religion can help make a more peaceful society.
The event is held as part of the United Nations Interfaith Harmony Week held from January 5 to March 5.
Religious discrimination that insist that only they are right ends up creating severe religious extremisms.
That is driving the world into a fear of violence and terrorism.
It is very important to establish open communications between religious leaders.
This where religious leaders of the world unite as one and hold open discussions and work towards making sure when possible that the power of their minds become and stay united as one.
Peace begins with respect for each other.
I will be supporting until the day where the whole world is at peace arrives.
Currently, I have strong hopes that this world being filled with guns, nuclear weapons, wars, and vanity comes to an end and that the world becomes completely filled with peace.

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