Tuesday, June 13, 2017

[Trip] Travel tips for Busan, Korea (Busan City Tour Bus)


Travel tips for Busan, Korea

Busan City Tour Bus

Today, I want to introduce travel tips for touring Busan easily.

Even though I have lived in Korea for years, it has been my first time in visiting Busan.
Busan is the second largest city in all of South Korea.
So it was not an easy trip for me to handle. But, I realized that there were easy ways to get around Busan.

Most of it had to do with using the Busan City Tour Bus!
There are 3 types of tour buses:

1.The Jumbo Bus
2.Mandi Bus
3.Eco Bus

I wanted to take them all, but didn't have enough time to do so.
I chose the Busan City Tour Jumbo Bus course.

Here is the Jumbo Bus Route map course.

It is closed on all Mondays (operates normally only if Monday happens to be a national holiday)
You can purchase tickets at Busan Station Bus Stop.
Boarding location is Busan Station Plaza in front if Arirang Tourist Hotel.
(Subway 1st Line : Exit No.8 at Busan Subway Station~Train : Exit No.1 at Busan Station)

Here is Jumbo Bus Fare information...

The first bus at Busan Station is at 9AM. The last bus at Busan Station is 6PM.(November through April at 5:30pm).
Departure interval is 30 minutes. The buses operate 19 times.

When you purchase a day pass, you can freely hop off at our bus stop for personal sightseeing during the city tour and hop on our next bus to continue the tour according to the bus timetable.

Here are the pictures that I took with the Busan City Tour Jumbo Bus.

I'd like to introduce each attraction next time on my blog.
You can also enjoy various Busan tourism contents through the app of Busan City Tour Jumbo Bus.

Here is the site, you can get more information!  http://jumbobus.kr/en/

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