Tuesday, April 25, 2017

[Trip] Best of Cairns, Australia Tourism


Best of Cairns, Australia Tourism

Paradise of Activity, Cairns, Australia

I've been Cairns, Australia, a place that is called the Paradise of Activity.
It took me two hours to travel from Brisbane to Cairns by plane.
It was sunny as expected.

There were a lot of tourist attractions.
My first stop in Cairns was Explanade Lagoon, a populartourist attraction of Cairns.
Explanade Lagoon was placed at the end of the beach.
It is man-made lagoon, but it is free and you can enjoy swimming there.
It is very famous place in Cairns. Whoever visits Cairns should visit here and take pictures.

The next day,
I left for Tully River to go rafting.
Actually, I didn't expect much, but it was a very wonderful experience for me.
They offered Half Day Program and Full Day Program.
And you can select the difficulty level of your rafting program.
It was safe and exciting.
Lunch was included in the price of the program.
I had lunch with people near the water.

It might be sad that if I couldn't take any pictures. But luckily, there was a photographer in the middle of the rafting course. He took the pictures for us and I could get higher quality pictures.

On the third day, I went to The Great Barrier Reef; the one place you should visit before you die.
I got seasick so it was hard, but I could still see the beautiful ocean.
The Great Barrier Reef was so beautiful!

I could scuba dive along the coral reefs and go snorkeling.
On that day, I had a delicious lunch at the buffet, which included meals on the tour.

I recommend visiting the beautiful Cairns where you can do many other activities.

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