Thursday, March 23, 2017

[Trip] Boracay travel tips (Warnings and Dangers)


Boracay travel tips 

(Warnings and Dangers)

There are Things to be careful when you go to Boracay.
I, myself, also didn’t know it at first.
For your own safe and healthy travel, it would be better if you know it as well.

The first is water! What kind of water do you come up with?
Drinking water, water for washing, the sea, swimming pool, etc.?
There are many different types of water in Boracay, which all needs to be treated with caution.

Boracay's water contains a lot of calcium compounds.
So it's easy to get stomach pains if you drink tap water.
Please purchase and drink mineral water!
Even boiling does not help distilling the Calcareous water.
The calcium compounds damage the skin while washing.
When you brush your teeth, please rinse your mouth with fresh water.

If you go to Boracay, you cannot miss the marine sports and swimming.
There are many people at night in White Beach.
White Beach is crowded at night too.
Nobody cares if you go into the sea at night.
But do not forget that it is dangerous!
Second, prepare the change!
Boracay people are not used to giving the change.
They often consider change as a tip. It is a good idea to prepare small peso.

Third, be careful when buying the dyed bags and hats.
Boracay stores have bags and hats, dyed in pretty colors.
It would be difficult for ladies to just pass by a pretty souvenir at an affordable price.
But do not forget that if it rains or gets in contact with water, all the dyes may fade!
It is best choice to buy goods with no color.
Goods with no color are the best options.
I hope you have safe and enjoyable trip in Beautiful Boracay!

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