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[Trip] Tourist attractions in south korea 'Wonju 'Museum SAN'


Tourist attractions in south korea 

'Wonju 'Museum SAN'

Touching the Sky, Embracing art,
A Place where true communication begins
'Museum SAN' is a Rural Museum where you can feel the melodies of culture and art through the nature that changes with four seasons.
If you want to walk with nature, try to visit here.
This place has been chosen as one of Top 100 Must see places in Korea.

It is known as the popular location for the filming of famous coffee commercials in Korea.

First, the entrance fee is as follows.
The price is not cheap, but it is always worth visiting beautiful place.
If you pay only for the gallery entrance fee, you can observe all the places except James Turrell Exhibition.

There is also a Museum Art Shop where you can buy souvenirs.
There were many simple and modern products.

Now we leave for the beautiful 'Museum SAN'
The sculpture park and the flower garden begin soon.
I entered with expectations.
There is a guidebook at the entrance of the museum, so be sure to pack it up!
There is a garden and a gallery description and a map so that you can see all the 'Museum SAN'.
Flower Garden
You can see grass and red sculptures with flowers China Pink that means 'pure love'.
It was not the time of full bloom, so the flowers were sparsely.
I would like to see the garden full of China Pink in spring.

Followed Birch Way
There are 180 birch trees planted.

And Water Garden where is Representative Place.
The sky is so beautiful in the water. They put black stones in the water to make the landscape looks beautiful.
This is the place where many people take commemorative photos
I feel floating on the water, floating on the sky.

This figurine is supported by only four corners.
It is amazing that this big sculpture is built up with four corners.

Paper Gallery
There is the paper gallery in the main building.
If you just follow the indication of direction, you can enjoy and watch all things without without moving around.
There are some explanations of English beside Korean. So foreigner tourists can watch it comfortably.
There are also paper displays such as the invention of paper, history and production process.

You can also experience small things such as coloring postcards at the paper gallery.
After entering into a narrow space, when you look over sky, you can see the triangular sky through the space between the buildings.
Many People almost passed this point. But we would like to recommend you to try to find out that point.

The most Spectacular Place at the 'Museum SAN' is a 'Cafe Terrace'.
You can even take pictures without using a cafe.
How about leaving nice snapshot photos?

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