Tuesday, January 17, 2017

[Trip] Beautiful place to visit in Korea Jeju Island 'Seopjikoji Beach'


Beautiful place to visit in Korea 

Jeju Island 'Seopjikoji Beach'

Today, I am going to introduce about the Seopjikoji Beach , one of famous tourist spot in the Jeju island.
First of all,  if you look at the notice of the Seopjikoji Beach, here are some of the details.
The Seopjikoji Beach
Seopjikoji is on the east coast of Jeju island. In the Jeju dialect, 'Seopji' means a narrow piece of land and 'Koji' means a promontory. During the Joseon period, a signal fire beacon was located on 'Seopjikoji'. The shoreline is covered with volcanic red rocks and pebbles, and many of the rocks are of strange, spectacular shapes. One large rock known as 'Seandolbawi' looks like a candlestick. According to local folklore, it was created when the son of the sea god turned to stone because his love for a nymph was not returned.
The Seopjikoji Beach is also famous for the filming location of famous Korean drama which is ‘All In'.
Admission fee of the Seopjikoji Beach is free.
(But there is parking fee.)
It takes about 1~2 hours when you walk around slowly and you can tour by using bicycles, electric bicycles, electric carts and ‘sea horse’ shaped trains.
I chose to walk because I like to see the nature's view.
These rocks are basalt.
If you climb the lighthouse, you can see the nice view of the Seopjikoji Beach.
Isn't it really wonderful magnificent view of the Seopjikoji Beach?
The Seopjikoji Beach is a good place to trip.
Because there are various facilities like Aqua Planet and Phoenix Resorts and others. 

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