Tuesday, January 3, 2017

[Trip] Beautiful place to visit in Korea ‘Namisum (Naminara Republic)’


Beautiful place to visit in Korea

‘Namisum (Naminara Republic)’

Today, I am going to post about Namisum (Naminara Republic), one of famous tourist spot in Korea.

To help your understanding, I brought the article of Namisum (the Naminara Republic) from the Website.
'The Naminara Republic, which declared its cultural independence from the Republic of Korea, has its own diplomatic and cultural policies. Naminara celevrates the imagination and shares its beautiful fairy tales and songs with guests from all over the world'
When you are there, you may feel that you are in other country.
Their website describes their four seasons like this; Colorful Garden: Spring, Cool Shade: Summer, Fall-in-love Path: Autumn, Snow Land: Winter
Namisum is always beautiful place because that has feature of four seasons.
I have been there in summer and fall. I really want to visit there during winter time.
We need to take a boat to go to Namisum(Nami - island).
When we get off from the boat, you will see beautiful landsape and many food.
Namisum(Nami - island) becnomes known famous as drama location.
So many foreign tourists have visited there.
Namisum(Nami - island)  is big to walk, I recommend to rent bicycle.
It is quite big to walk around the whole island, so I recommend to rent a bicycle.
Above all things Namisum(Nami - island) is famous for 'Metasequoia Road'
Please visit there.
It is a picture of cleaner making clover with leaves. Isn’t this interesting?
You can get more information at this Website by various languages.
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