Monday, December 12, 2016

[Trip] Beautiful place to visit in Korea _ Jeju Island


Beautiful place to visit in Korea 

Jeju Island 'Shincheon Ranch'

Today, I am posting the one of beautiful places to visit in Korea.

It is ‘Shincheon Ranch’ where placed in Jeju Island.

It is on the road, Olle trail route 3 and especially during winter season, you may see the interesting sight that spreading orange peels all over the ranch to make it medicinal herbs.

The sea is in front so you may enjoy both beautiful sea and wide golden field which made by orange peels at a same time.
The waves that wash the foot of the cliffs are wonderful and the breeze from the sea heals our mind.

On the way to the ranch, there are many Palm trees. So beautiful!

It is easy to see Stonewall Walkways (Doldam-gil) in Jeju Island because Jeju is made by volcanic activity.  It is topography of volcano; therefore we can find basalt easily on the road.
And I also want to introduce about Dol hareubang. You will see them everywhere. It is almost the symbol of Jeju.
Dol hareubang is also called tol harubang, hareubang or harubang. It is large rock statues and considering such like god so many of people make their wishes in front.

I hope this information helps you.
I hope you have Beautiful Memories in Korea
I wish you may make the best moments in Korea.
Thank you.

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