Friday, December 23, 2016

[Trip] Beautiful place to visit in Korea _ Kyoung-po beach and An-mok Beach


Beautiful place to visit in Korea 

'Kyoung-po beach' and 'An-mok Beach'

 I am going to post about Kyoung-po beach and An-mok Beach, one of famous tourist destination in Korea. Kyoung-po beach is very popular destination that if you leave in Korea, you would've most like visited the beach at least once. I, myself, have visited last fall and winter in October and December.

I was there to sightsee sunrise both occasions.
Ta da~!  This is the picture of sunrise that i took~
After watching sunrise, I went to An-mok Beach, famous for Coffee Street.
Do you like coffee? Even if you don't like coffee much, the place might make you want to have a cup of coffee with nice view and the scent of sea.

Korea beaches have deep blue color because there is much plankton in the sea.
So The East Sea is rich in seafood.
An-mok beach has beautiful blue color and it is very clear.
The beach is in front of Coffee Street and if you follow the hike-trail, a seawall, you can see red light house.
I appreciated the nice sunshine and beautiful scenery when I hiked.
Some people take a stroll with a dog and take a bike along the path.

People fishing on a seawall or at the harbor are another sight that it may interest you.
I would recommend these beaches if you want to see blue beach of Korea and to have healing time.

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