Tuesday, September 1, 2015

[IPYG] Introduce about IPYG

[IPYG] Introduce about IPYG

 Introduce about IPYG

HWPL has been able to connect with these organisations through the international Peace Youth Group(“IPYG”) and International Women’s Peace Group(“IWPG”).

Today, I'd like to introduce about IPYG.

International Peace Youth Group (IPYG) is a youth organization comprised of many affiliated youth groups working for world peace.

IPYG began in January 2013 with the vision and goal of creating a lasting change in the world through youth's passion and desire to see peace-loving citizens in every nation and a united world youth.

IPYG has over 321 youth group affiliates in 80 countries worldwide.

IPYG is leading the good things such as peace walk, volunteering, victorycup and so on.

▲Video: Peace activists from the International Peace Youth Group (IPYG) gathered at Rhodes Memorial and the well-known Jameson Stairs at the University of Cape Town to showcase the unification of diverse young adults who are striving for peace

You can get more information about IPYG at here.
IPYG official site - http://www.ipyg.org/
We only need to create a peaceful world for our chidren and future.
If all the youth of the world come together and work for peace, war will end and world peace will become a reality.


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