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[HWPL] Uttar Pradesh State in India Confers 'Ratna Award' on Chairman Lee, “The Jewel of Peace”


[HWPL] Uttar Pradesh State in India Confers 'Ratna Award' on Chairman Lee, “The Jewel of Peace”

The 'Uttar Pradesh Ratna Award’ conferred on Chairman Lee by the state of Uttar Pradesh in India, in recognition of Chairman Lee’s peace movement

The imprints of peace left by Heavenly Culture, World Peace, Restoration of Light (HWPL) through 31 peace tours in 70 countries have been reported and archived by local and national media organisations for posterity. Chairman Man-hee Lee and his peace delegation have been involved in more than 300 interviews and broadcast appearances.

In particular, media outlets who have encountered HWPL's global peace mission and its resulting fruits of peace have expressed their perceived sense of duty to report on HWPL's work of peace.

Pradeep Rai (center left), Editorial Advisor of India's private broadcaster APN News, delivers a peace appreciation award to Chairman Lee during an interview with the HWPL Peace Delegation.

When HWPL visited India on their peace tour, national and local media organisations showed great interest in Chairman Lee's peace mission and had no alternative but to express their surprise at the progress for peace made by HWPL throughout the world.

This is because the peace achievements by HWPL are beyond the reach of most civil organizations. The civil peace agreement in Mindanao, Philippines, the WARP Summit attended by 200,000 people, the publication of the Declaration of Peace and Cessation of War (DPCW 10 Articles, 38 Clauses), and the 29 peace tours completed within 6 years from 2012-2018, are just a few such achievements.

Pradeep Rai, Editorial Advisor of APN News

Pradeep Rai, Editorial Advisor of APN News, a private broadcaster in India, was taken aback upon hearing news of Chairman Lee's peace movements.

Mr. Rai delivered the 'Uttar Pradesh Ratna Award', on behalf of the state of Uttar Pradesh in India, to Chairman Lee in recognition of his peace movement, on February 11, 2018, in New Delhi, India. The award was prepared by the state and was delivered by Mr. Rai.

The name of the award, ‘Ratna’, translated from Hindi means ‘jewel’. The honorary prize is typically conferred on Non Resident Indians.

Numerous expressions denoting respect and honor for Chairman Lee's peace activities were written on the Award:
"The sacrificial and noble contribution of Chairman Lee for the establishment of peace in India and the liberation of the whole world from the horrors of war is an achievement that no one else has done”. 

It went on to read, "It is our privilege to award the Uttar Pradesh Ratna Award for your sublime contribution to world peace.”

A commemorative photo is taken of HWPL Chairman Man-hee Lee (far right) with school officials at a ceremony for the designation of Ramagya School in India as an HWPL Peace Academy on December 21, 2015. Peace education, which is being promulgated by Chairman Lee and his peace delegation for posterity, has received an enthusiastic response in India.

The Award also reads:
"An unprecedented and sacrificial contribution like that of Chairman Lee falls in line with the fundamental spirit and culture of India. We are grateful that we are all making continual and significant strides to achieving our common goal. We support and pray for Chairman Lee’s goal of a future of peace.”

Pradeep Rai, the Editorial Advisor of APN News, who delivered the award, started working with HWPL in 2018. After hearing that HWPL was in the process of proposing the DPCW to the UN for enactment as international law in order to end all global conflict, Mr. Rai aligned with this vision and introduced Indian jurists. In addition, he vowed to deliver the news of peace sounded by HWPL to India. His determination immediately manifested through numerous reports that he published and active participation in events.

At the 2nd Anniversary of the Declaration of Peace and Cessation of War (DPCW) in 2018, APN News provided video coverage of the peace activities of HWPL Chairman Man-hee Lee and his peace delegation. This included a report on the March 14th (DPCW) event in India, an interview with APN News, a report published within a legal journal, and an online report.

Mr. Rai also participated in the 4th Annual Commemoration of the WARP Summit held on September 18th of the same year and participated in HWPL's various peace activities.

On December 13, 2014, a 'Peace Walk' was held in India with about 200 attendees of the 15th World Supreme Court Justices Conference and 2,000 students from City Montessori School (CMS). A wave of global support for the DPCW, which Chairman Lee and his peace delegation have been pushing for enactment as international law at the UN for the cessation of war and world peace, is spreading. In 2014, before the DPCW was announced, there was active discussions were held regarding its drafting by a gathering of world jurists, and at the World Supreme Court meeting on that day, participants responded with warm applause to Chairman Lee's message of peace.


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  1. The Chairman of HWPL, Man-hee Lee, is a Korean War veteran who has travelled the world 31 times meeting politicians, Heads of State, religious leaders and international law experts to discuss the DPCW and gain the support of citizens around the world. 21 international law experts were involved in the drafting of the DPCW. HWPL currently has support in 192 different countries with over 600,000 members working to help establish peace throughout the world. It is a miracle that a 92-year-old man can spearhead such a peace movement. Kudos to Chairman Lee.