Tuesday, March 8, 2022

[HWPL] Statement by HWPL Regarding Russia and Ukraine


[HWPL] Statement by HWPL Regarding Russia and Ukraine

Russia’s current attack on Ukraine stirs disturbance and tension globally and threatens a peaceful future, which all of humanity must build for future generations.

Military aggression against a sovereign state cannot be a solution to any problem, and the perils of such war and violent conflict hit innocent citizens the hardest, including women, the youth, and children. Nothing can repay the lost lives, and the direness of being made refugees overnight cannot be consoled with anything but the cessation of hostilities and peace.

As an international peace NGO listed in UN ECOSOC and UN DGC, HWPL joins the UN and the international community in voicing condemnation against actions that cause a global crisis and violate human rights through the act of aggression.

Russia must withdraw its forces back to its country and ensure the safety of the people of Ukraine. Russia must clearly express the will to join talks and efforts to resolve the current crisis peacefully. At the same time, it must come forward with respect for the principles of international law and manner apt to rectification, with a bearing of peace. Such a decision will gain the support of the entire global community and become a milestone in the journey of building lasting peace.

HWPL calls on the youth around the world to join the voices calling for peace and the cessation of war. It is for the fellow youth citizens who share the same era with us and are made victims in the violence of war, and it is for the future of the global community.

Furthermore, for the peaceful resolution of the current crisis of Russia and Ukraine, we support and urge swift action of the UN and request all nations to demonstrate their love for humanity by offering help to refugees.

28th February 2022

HWPL Messenger of Peace, Man Hee Lee

The HWPL Global Family of Peace

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