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[Food] Yeolmu Kimchi (Young radish kimchi, 열무김치)


[Food] Yeolmu Kimchi (Young radish kimchi, 열무김치)

Yeolmu (Young radish, 열무) originates from Palestine. We don't know when it came to the Korean peninsula, though I personally think it may have come via the Middle East and China by silk-road traders. Yeolmu means 'young radish' in Korean. It has grown bigger with a wider stem and leaf for a tastier tender and crispy texture.

It's harvested from June to August when Korea endures its hot summer. Naturally, yeolmu provides its best taste in summer. Koreans make spicy, sweet and refreshing yeolmu kimchi with spicy chili seasoning and fermentation. Yeolmu is usually made with plentiful juice and seasoning, and people love to eat cold noodles and barley rice with it.

The uniquely tangy, spicy, sweet and refreshing flavor of yeolmu kimchi is distinctive from other types of kimchi that are made in autumn and winter. Yeolmu kimchi is known as kimchi for the hot summer, I have hardly met any Korean who dislikes yeolmu kimchi in the summer hot days. It goes well with barley rice, though my personal favorite is yeolmu kimchi cold noodle :) Its taste harmonises well with any kind of cold soup noodle with its juice.

Yeolmu is full of vitamin A, vitamin C, potassium, saponin and dietary fiber, and also has collagen and anti-oxidant stimulants. I can confidently say that yeolmu is one of the most flavorsome weight loss recipes :)

How about making some yeolmu kimchi if you are going through an arduous summer? I'm sure that yeolmu kimchi will soothe your body and soul :)

Bon Appétit!

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