Monday, November 8, 2021

[Food] Bungeoppang (Fish-shaped bun, 붕어빵)


[Food] Bungeoppang (Fish-shaped bun, 붕어빵)

Bungeoppang is a very typical Korean street snack which resembles carp. We can usually find it in winter because it needs an iron oven that bakes it into a fish-shaped bun. You don't want to bake a bun in front of a crazy hot oven in hot days, do you? :)

In the winter season, you can find many street vendors who sell bungeoppang and hot fish cake soup together because people want to eat hot street food on their way home or take it as a hot snack home :)

A street vendor in Seoul that sells bungeoppang and hot fish cake soup

Bungeoppang originates from Japanese taiyaki (snapper-shaped bun) which flowed into the Korean peninsula around 1930. Bungeoppang has become very popular in Korea since the 1990's with its retro trend. In the beginning, there was only sweet red-bean paste bungeoppang.

However, Korean cuisine created its own style of fish-shaped bun with varieties of stuffing such as vegetables, custard cream, sweet potato paste, pizza sauce, ice cream, mint chocolate, kimchi and more.

Taiyaki (Snapper-shaped bun of Japan)

Bungeoppang (Carp-shaped bun of Korea)

So, you call yourself a street snack and bread lover? Then look out for a bungeoppang street vendor in Korea if you have a chance to visit :) It's cheap, crispy and sweet :) I'm sure you will be so happy with a large paper bag filled with warm bungeoppang in your embrace :)

Bon Appétit!

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