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[Food] Hwachae (Fruit Punch, 화채)


[Food] Hwachae (Fruit Punch, 화채)

Hwachae is a typical Korean summer food. Its recipe descends from centuries ago and its official recipe was written in the 19th century. It's very similar to western-style punch except that it is a non-alcoholic food.

Hwachae is made of omija (schisandra/magnolia vine) juice or honey water, sugar and other fruits or flowers. Traditional hwachae uses many ingredients including watermelon, pear, azalea, rose, mandarin, apple, strawberry, cherry, peach, citron and grapefruit. 

Hwachae is a very popular food in summer because of its cold, refreshing, sweet, fruity and sour flavor.

It's very easy and inexpensive to make, but it was traditionally eaten only by the royal family, nobles and the wealthy because ice and fruit were very expensive ingredients in olden times.

Azalea Hwachae

Omija Hwachae

Today Koreans usually use watermelon and canned fruit with soda, and often add some milk. Chop any fruit with sweet or sour flavor into small pieces and pour ice cubes and soda to chopped fruit. Voila! If you want to make hwachae with azalea or rose or citron, then the recipe becomes a bit harder because the traditional Korean court recipe has to be used for these ingredients.

Hwachae with watermelon and canned fruits

Typical hwachae - watermelon, ice cubes and soda

If you are going through a hot summer, how about a bowl of cold hwachae? It will cool your life for a moment with its sweet and refreshing taste :)

Bon Appétit! 

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