Monday, May 3, 2021

[Food] Visual Recipe for Gangdoenjang (Soybean Paste Sauce, 강된장)


[Food] Visual Recipe for Gangdoenjang (Soybean Paste Sauce, 강된장)

Doenjang (Korean bean paste) and Gangdoenjang (Soybean paste sauce) are Korean traditional sauces with a 1,000 year history. It's still one of Koreans' most common and popular ingredients for many Korean dishes including Doenjang jjigae. Today, I cooked Gangdoenjang for dinner :)

1. Cut onions and king oyster mushrooms into small cubes

2. Mix doenjang (Korean bean paste), gochujnag (Korean chili paste) and honey to gangdeonjang base. Prepare manila clam and freshwater snail.

3. Put some perilla oil into a pot, pour the chopped onion and mushroom and stir for a minute over medium heat until water comes out of them.

4. When the onion and mushroom is well cooked, add pre-prepared manila clam and freshwater snail. Stir them for two minutes till they ooze enough water out over a medium heat. Then add pre-mixed doenjang paste and stir again.

5. Keep stirring over medium heat to evaporate enough water so it can be thickened as much as you want.

6. Enjoy gangdoenjang with fresh vegetables and steamed rice! :)

Bon Appétit!

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