Friday, May 21, 2021

[Food] Jumuleok (Quick marinated pork, 주물럭)


[Food] Jumuleok (Quick marinated pork, 주물럭)

Jumuleok (Quick marinated pork, 주물럭) is a Korean pork dish that most Koreans love, it's usually red, spicy and sweet which are Koreans' favorite flavors. However, no one knows its exact history and origin, but there's a story that jumuleok was first made by a granny who owned a restaurant. She was supposed to serve beef galbi to customers but because ingredients ran out, she marinated the beef by hand-rubbing and seasoning it before serving the dish. Customers then started to call that dish 'Jumuleok' from that day on.

So Jumuleok actually means 'hand-rubbing' in Korean, but it's used as a name for a quickly marinated pork dish today. It doesn't need to be spicy, and it can be made sweet and salty with soy-sauce, too. Someone says it's very similar to 'Jeyuk-bokkeum (Stir Fried Spicy Pork, 제육볶음)' but people call any roasted or stir-fried marinated pork 'Jumuleok' whilst Jeyuk-bokkeum is a name for stir-fried pork only.

It can also be similar to galbi or bulgogi, but jumuleok doesn't need long time marinating or seasoned. Cook, hand-rub seasoning on pork and heat it.
Anyway, these are all nice Korean dishes :)

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  1. This is another fine-looking recipe I hope to savour one day in your motherland.