Sunday, March 7, 2021

[Food] Ddeokmanduguk (떡만두국, Rice cake and dumpling soup)


[Food] Ddeokmanduguk (떡만두국, Rice cake and dumpling soup)

Most Korean restaurants and Korean-style noodle shops advertise this menu for the winter season as people prefer hot soup to warm their frozen body.
Ddeokmanduguk (떡만두국, Rice cake and dumpling soup) is a typical winter dish in Korea, which is easy and quick to cook (if dumplings are pre-prepared).

Most Koreans love Korean-style Wangmandu ('King-size dumpling') - which is as large as an adult male's fist - stuffed with many vegetables, tofu and meat. Koreans enjoy these dumplings with hot soup or ramen soup for better taste.

Koreans like to put dumpling in beef-stock, anchovy-stock or ramen soup which gives a great flavor to the dumpling. Dumplings give a very nice flavor when boiled in these soups because dumplings absorb the soup within. People love the flavor of dumpling fillings melting into one's mouth with hot soup.

Dumplings are stodgy and warm, and Koreans love carbohydrates for meal (usually steamed rice or noodles), so it is very obvious that ddeokmanduguk is a popular winter menu in Korea :)

I've got some frozen kimchi-mandu (kimchi dumpling) in my freezer which I will put in my ramen for today's lunch :)

Bon Appétit!

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