Tuesday, February 23, 2021

[Food] Gogalbi (Mackerel Ribs, 고갈비)


[Food] Gogalbi (Mackerel Ribs, 고갈비)

In the 1970s, ordinary people and university students in Busan weren't very wealthy. Even though they wanted to eat meat (beef, pork and chicken), it was not affordable for them, though fish was.

Like today, most mackerel in Korea was traded in public fish markets in Busan so citizens enjoyed eating mackerel because it was the most common and least expensive fish (as is the case today). Koreans' favorite mackerel recipe is roasting, so they usually eat roasted mackerel which Busan citizens call 'Gogalbi (Mackerel Ribs)' which is an abbreviation of 'Godeungeo Galbi (Mackerel Ribs)'. Actually mackerel doesn't have any ribs, but Koreans called it 'Mackerel Ribs' because it reminded them of roasted pork rib when mackerels are roasted with thick smoke and plenty of fat.

The Gogalbi recipe was invented in Busan. Its only difference from usual roasted mackerel is that they put some spicy sauce on mackerel for better taste. Gogalbi sauce is usually hot and spicy with lots of spicy chili and garlic.

Moreover, an important thing is that only fresh mackerels must be used for the best taste of gogalbi :) Gogalbi is often salty but gives you a smoky,savory and refreshing taste.

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