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[HWPL] Platform for discussion and harmony of 'Cessation of War and Peace'..."Frequent meeting over boundary and religion"


[HWPL] Platform for discussion and harmony of 'Cessation of War and Peace'..."Frequent meeting over boundary and religion"

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People at home and abroad who support HWPL's peace move say they cannot forget the various dinners and meetings held at the Peace Institute. A foreign journalist, who expressed the feeling of being in a heavenly palace, nicknamed it “Palace of Peace” in the peaceful appearance of members of various global villages across nationalities, races, countries, and religions in one place without discrimination. The photo shows a guest dinner after the 3rd anniversary of HWPL World Peace Summit in 2017. (Provided by: HWPL) ⓒChunji Ilbo 2020.12.17

On September 16, 2018, at the Goseong Peace Conference held by the Baltic Black Sea Council of HWPL and the heads of Eastern European countries, Representative Man-Hee Lee and the President of the Baltic Black Sea Council of Genadi Brubulis are taking a commemorative photo after signing a joint agreement. (Provided by: HWPL) ⓒCheonji Ilbo 2020.12.17

[Cheonji Ilbo = Reporter Kang Soo-kyung] Gapyeong Peace Institute is used as a venue for dinners, meetings, and various educational events attended by both domestic and foreign guests at major events held by the Heavenly Culture World Peace Restoration of Light (HWPL, CEO Man-Hee Lee).

Political leaders from all over the world, civic groups such as women and youth, and 200,000 people from other religions and the media participated, and since September 2014, when the HWPL World Peace Summit first started, various meetings have been held here. Religious scripture comparison discussions, meetings with religious people, and peace education training were held in a 120-seat auditorium equipped with a broadcasting room, and meetings with personnel were held on the third floor of the training center.

According to officials, official events were held 10 to 20 times a year, including 48 times from September to December 2014. In addition, it has been steadily used as a place for peace education for students from different countries to learn about HWPL's peace culture. When tangible results emerged through various discussions, an event was also held to inform them.

One of the representative events is the Goseong Peace Conference held on September 16, 2018. It was a meeting of peace talks between HWPL and the “Baltic Black Sea Council,” composed of heads of Eastern European countries, to discuss solutions to peace in the global village.

Open Bible Seminar inviting pastors in Korea held at the Peace Institute on December 7, 2019. (Provided by: HWPL) ⓒCheonji Ilbo 2020.12.17

This was also the fruit of the peace movement that the heads of Eastern European countries and HWPL, who were impressed by attending the 2014 HWPL World Peace Summit after establishing a relationship with HWPL, have been fruitful through exchange and sympathy for over four years. At this meeting, a “joint agreement” between HWPL and the Baltic Black Sea Board was announced.

The “Baltic Black Sea Council” is an organization established to respond to conflicts and threats arising in the Baltic Black Sea region, and is composed of former and incumbent presidents of Ukraine, Poland, Estonia, Bulgaria and Romania. At the peace talks, including HWPL President Man-hee Lee, former Romanian President Emil Constantinescu of the Baltic Black Sea Council, former President of Moldova Petru Luchinsci, former Chief of Belarusian Supreme Council Stenislav Shshkevich, and former Ukrainian President Victor Yushchenko The former president and others attended.

Two members from HWPL's affiliated organizations World Women's Peace Group (IWPG) and International Youth Peace Group (IPYG) also attended.

The Gandhivi Non-Violence Peace Awards Ceremony held at the Grand Auditorium of the Peace Institute on July 19, 2016. Representative Lee Man-Hee is taking a commemorative photo after the award. This award has been awarded by Gorbachev and others. (Provided by: HWPL) ⓒCheonji Ilbo 2020.12.17

In this agreement, the two organizations shared the recognition of the importance of an approach based on common cooperation in order to end disputes around the world and peace, which is the top priority as partners in peace initiatives. In addition, in the agreement, the two groups will cooperate to maintain peace not only in the Korean Peninsula and the Baltic Black Sea region, but also around the world.

At the Peace Talks for the Agreement ▲ Fundamental Solution for Ending War in the Global Village ▲ Cooperation Plan to Advance the Global War End Peace Declaration (DPCW) into a Legally Binding Act ▲ Cooperation Plan for Peaceful Unification on the Korean Peninsula ▲ The World of the Baltic Black Sea Four topics were discussed, including plans for cooperation with HWPL on the peace and order project.

At the time, HWPL CEO Man-Hee Lee said, “The only way for humanity to survive is world peace through the end of war.” “We must achieve peace together in the spirit of peace. I believe that peace will spread all over the world.”

Irina Bereshchuk, Chairman of the Baltic Black Sea Forum, said, “HWPL and the Baltic Black Sea Council held this peace talk to agree on peace and ending war on the Korean Peninsula and the Baltic Black Sea. We decided to carry out peace education to settle the culture of peace while handing over the earth to future generations,” he expressed positive support.

Participants of the “Seoul·Gyeonggi·Gangwon Religious Leaders Peace Realization Conference” held in the main auditorium of the Peace Institute on November 28, 2017 are taking commemorative photos, pledged for religious harmony. (Provided by: HWPL) ⓒCheonji Ilbo 2020.12.17

In addition, “(with HWPL) we shared the recognition that community cooperation is necessary in order to resolve disputes through peaceful means, and to resolve armed conflicts.”. He added “This agreement is intended to cooperate globally with the Korean Peninsula and the Baltic Black Sea. Has adopted,” with expression of his stance on the progress of the joint agreement. At 'the 6th International Law Enactment Peace Committee' meeting, which was held privately prior to the peace talks at the time, 12 HWPL International Law Enactment Peace Committee (Chairman Pravin Parek) led by Representative Lee Man-Hee shared the current status of the DPCW's proposed UN resolutions and discussed future directions.

The True Story of HWPL in libraries and major government offices around the world. (Provided by: HWPL) ⓒCheonji Ilbo 2020.12.17

After the HWPL World Peace Summit, people boarded a boat and entered the Peace Institute in Goseong-ri, Gapyeong city, which touches the tributary of the Namhan River. (Provided by: HWPL) ⓒCheonji Ilbo 2020.12.17


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