Thursday, October 15, 2020

[Food] Jeoneo (전어, Gizzard)


[Food] Jeoneo (전어, Gizzard)

'Even the runaway daughter-in-law returns home because of the smell of grilled jeoneo'

*In traditional Korean culture, the daughter-in-law in most families had to go through rigorous house-work and bullying from her husband and in-laws (especially her mother-in-law). It was not an unusual thing for the daughter-in-law who couldn't bear married life to flee from her husband. However, people say the smell of roasted jeoneo is so tasty and savory that it brings the runaway daughter-in-law back home.

Jeoneo tastes best when roasted or chopped raw because it's fatty, but some people (like myself) don't like jeoneo so much due to its countless tiny bones. It's so frustrating picking out every bone so people recommend eating them from head to tail, chewing through the flesh and bones. Oh, please don't forget to marinate them in salt water for 5 minutes or in rice wine to remove its fishy smell. As you chew, it's raw or roasted flesh gives you a fatty and savory flavor  :)

Jeoneo is caught throughout coastal areas, so you can enjoy it in every coast-side city in Korea, there are also Jeoneo festivals in Boseong and Gwangyang in Jeolla province :)

Bon Appétit!

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