Tuesday, October 6, 2020

[Food] Hoedeopbap (회덮밥, Raw Fish Bibimbap)


[Food] Hoedeopbap (회덮밥, Raw Fish Bibimbap)

Culture is a way of life so it always changes, flows elsewhere and forms new cultures. We can even think of 'stem culture' (this is beginning to sound somewhat like a virus!). Hoedeopbap(회덮밥, Raw Fish Bibimbap) is a result of Korean and Japanese food culture; born of raw fish and topped rice (Japanese) and bibimbap (Korean mix rice). I'm sure that the Japanese never thought Koreans would bring culture into their country and make it into bibimbap.

It's a very simple, quick, tasty and exotic (for non-Koreans) food. Grab a bowl containing steamed rice, chop vegetables (carrot, pickled radish, cabbage, lettuce, roasted sea weed, cucumber etc.) and put them into the bowl. Also, top it with raw fish (or raw seafood likewise squid, calamari, shrimp, prawn etc.). The most important ingredient to spice it up is chogochujang(초고추장, sour Korean chili paste). You can buy pre-made chogochujang or make it yourself by mixing Korean chili paste and vinegar. Koreans prefer to dip raw fish fillet so it's a given that they'll use chogochujang even for hoedeopbap.

Hoedeopbap is a typical dish found in every seafood restaurant in Korea. They usually use shark fillet cubes, squid, calamari, salmon, sole, flounder, rock fish, sea squirt and flying fish roe for everyday hoedeopbap. Abalone, octopus, sea urchin roe and tuna are added to make expensive hoedeopbap. However, it's surprising that no one knows who and how hoedeopbap was made in Korea for the very first time. Regardless, there's no doubt that hoedeopbap is one of the most popular seafood dishes in Korea :)

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  1. This is another fine-looking cuisine. Thank you for sharing your culinary gifts.