Sunday, September 20, 2020

[HWPL] Historic Battle and the Peace. Serial Posting 2. Battle of Banquan (HWPL in China)


[HWPL] Historic Battle and the Peace. Serial Posting 2. Battle of Banquan (HWPL in China)

When? The 26th century B.C.

Where? Banquan, China (disputed)

Who? Huangdi (the Yellow Emperor) of Youxiong Tribe and Yandi (the Flame Emperor) of Shennong Tribe

Why? Three tribes (Youxiong, Shennong and Jiuli) were expanding their territories and so were in conflict with each other.The Flame Emperor retreated to the west after being defeated by Chiyou of the Jiuli tribe, which resulted in a territorial war with the Yellow Emperor.

What happened? The Yellow Emperor won the battle. Shennong tribe and Youxiong tribe formed an alliance named the Yanhuang tribe. Later, the Yanhuang tribe defeated Chiyou of Jiuli Tribe and established the Huaxia civilization who are ancestors of the Han Chinese civilization. Today, Chinese people call themselves "the Heir of Yan and Huang".

Note: Little is known about this battle because it is ancient history recorded in Chinese mythology. Many things such as the exact location of Banquan, the reason, number of people, weapons, armor and tactics remain disputed among historians and scholars. However, it is true that the Battle of Banquan was the first large-scale battle in Chinese history.

Throughout human history, countless conflicts and wars have taken place in this huge country since ancient times. Today, China continues to engage in conflict with its neighboring countries, but China is also participating in the work of peace of Chairman Man Hee Lee and his peace groups (HWPL, IWPG and IPYG). Many dignitaries and citizens in China have participated in HWPL's peace initiatives such as the 918 World Peace Festival, 525 Peace Walk, the Legislate Peace Project, the Peace Letter and more.

Someday, peace will truly come to China and the whole world as we continue with the peace work of HWPL and Chairman Man Hee Lee:)



  1. Beautiful post. Surely HWPL holds the solution to ending all wars through the DPCW.

  2. The existence of HWPL encourages us greatly when it is hard to hope a peaceful world... thank you!