Sunday, September 6, 2020

[Food] Myeongranjut (명란젓, Salted Pollack Roe)


[Food] Myeongranjut (명란젓, Salted Pollack Roe)

From ancient times, Koreans have been very good at making salted or pickled or fermented food with vegetables and seafood. Kimchi is the world famous and the most popular dish in among them. However Koreans have more dish that they enjoy on their meal table :)

Myeongranjut (명란젓, salted pollack roe) is very typical dish of Korean side dish and salted food which assumed to be eaten by Koreans since the 19th century. Koreans manufacture, cook and eat wall-eyed pollack in so many ways, and myeongranjut is one of them. It's roe of fresh pollack, it's washed in salt water then seasoned with minced garlic, spicy red pepper powder and salt. They are stored in any jar or pot to be fermented for about two weeks.

It tastes fresh, salty and flavor of sea. Koreans usually serve it with sesame oil and sesame to add savory flavor on it, and eat it with hot steamed-rice. It is originated in Korea but many people usually know it's Japanese food which is definitely wrong. Myeongranjut was known to Fukuoka of Japan in 1949 by Korean-Japanese who was born in Busan. Myeongranjut is called 'Mentaiko' in Japan, and it's local specialty of Fukuoka today.

Today, it's being used in many style of dish by many cooks. It's cooked in many ways to be used in even in bakery, pasta, stew and more.

I personally loves aglio e olio with myeongranjut topping on it and roasted myeongranjut :) It usually tastes salty and marine, but you may don't like it if you are not a fan of seafood :)

Bon Appétit!