Wednesday, February 19, 2020

[HWPL] The 1st Burundi Peace Education Seminar for the best future of Burundi


[HWPL] The 1st Burundi Peace Education Seminar for the best future of Burundi

What would be the best gift for a child or for people of any country? Wouldn't it be a peaceful country without conflict or war that anyone can live in to fulfil their dreams and hopes? HWPL (Heavenly Culture, World Peace, Restoration of Light; Chairman Man Hee Lee) has already been carrying out peace initiatives for people all over the world. One of their peace initiatives is Peace Education, which teaches children and students to become understanding, tolerant and respectful in building a loving and peaceful world. HWPL has also been providing peace education curricula to help teachers educate students about peace.

Burundi is a country in the East Africa region where people had to go through a painful and tragic civil war. Burundians have always desired peace, and HWPL is helping Burundi make their wish come true through Peace Education.

The 1st Burundi Peace Education Seminar was hosted at Rehoboth School in Bujumbura, Burundi. 22 participants (mostly principals and teachers) from Rehoboth School, Le Dauphin, Lycée communal of Cashi and Ecole Oasis des Anges joined in the event under the title "Discounting the Pilot Training for the Peaceful Education of Burundi in 2019 and Sharing the plan for 2020", which shared three visions (The Sanctity of life,’‘Loyalty and Filial Piety’ and ‘Co-existence and sustainability’), an HWPL peace education performance and results of HWPL Burundi’s pilot peace education in 2019.

Since the 5th anniversary of the HWPL World Peace Summit in Burundi on the 7th of September last year, MOUs between 4 schools and HWPL followed. As a result, five peace educations were conducted for 250 students 40 times.

All participants satisfied with HWPL's Peace Education program wanted to expand it to more schools and students. HWPL and their peace educators in Burundi are now hoping to implement Peace Education program at 10 schools in 2020.


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